2020 October Odometer

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October Odometer Contents


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this newsletter are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Z Car Club of Colorado or the Odometer editor.

ZCCC Members,
ZCCC is committed to the health and safety of our members, visitors and guests. We are closely monitoring advisories from the State of Colorado and various health sources regarding the COVID-19 threat. This directive was approved by the ZCCC Board of Directors and is being communicated to all of our members.

The September and October monthly meetings will be held via ZOOM

The following ZCCC events are happening with social distancing guidelines in place and wearing of face masks. The Board will reassess regarding future events and will advise accordingly. Members are asked to check the ZCCC Website Event listing and Facebook for current updates regarding Events in September and October.

The Board meeting for September will be via ZOOM conferencing. If you wish to participate, please contact President Don Gordon.

We recommend the following precautions be observed by all club members, whether in public places or while traveling as a club or your daily routes:

  1. Minimize human contact (no hand shaking); try to remain at least 6 feet away from other people.
  2. Wash hands for a minimum of 20 seconds with soap and hot water, or use a sanitizer gel.
  3. If you don’t have a tissue, use your sleeve to cough.
  4. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.
  5. Use knuckles or elbows to push elevator buttons or open doors when possible.
  6. REMAIN AT HOME and/or self-quarantine if your health is compromised, if you’ve recently traveled internationally or by air, or if you’re simply not feeling well.

As we receive more information on the progress of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), we will revise these measures and issue a notice to ZCCC members via the Odometer, Website and FaceBook.

Let’s Keep Everyone SAFE!

We have endured throughout these unprecedented times and I look forward to leading our awesome club for another year. I will do everything I can to keep our club having a lot of FUN. Please consider hosting a virtual or physical event.

At our election in September, Travis Scott became our next Inter-Club Liaison beginning in October. Congratulations Travis. Also welcome to Gail Mund as our new Vice President.

I want to thank Tiffany Gordon for working so hard to host the largely attended Zoom election meeting. Cheryl McKenney, thank you for giving the election the integrity and oversight it needed during this virtual world we now live in.

It was sad to learn that after so many years as our Odometer Editor, Tammy Sanders has decided to step down. I called a Special Board meeting to accept her resignation and to vote in our next Odometer Editor. At the Annual Meeting, October 7th, I will announce who it is. Hope you can make it.

Also at this Special Board meeting, the Board voted unanimously to support the bid for bringing ZCON 2021 to Colorado. Christopher Karl, President of ZCCA, made a detailed presentation to the Board about ZCON 2021. If Colorado does win the bid, the event will be headed up by Alex Millward and Diana Inberg. The next ZCON location will be announced at the 2020 ZCON in Nashville. Hopefully I can make the BIG announcement at our Annual Meeting.

Another big thank you to Tom Ziegelbauer for stepping up to be our next Webmaster. Thank you also to Scott Swiger for holding that position for many years and making the transition to Tom seamless.

This Annual Meeting is one you don’t want to miss. We will recognize the outgoing and incoming Boards, announce all the Active Members, present the President’s Award, announce the Most Active member and a few other surprises.

Yes this will be the first ever virtual Annual Meeting. I am looking forward to 2021 when we can get back to having physical meetings once they are allowed and safe for our members.

Talking about being safe, it’s time to start thinking about getting a flu shot. Dr. Rehm from The Cleveland Clinic says it’s more important this year with Covid-19 to be sure you get the flu vaccine. Please stay safe!!!
Regardz, Don Gordon – President

Boulder Nissan Executive Manager Ted Christiano, accepts an appreciation award from Ira Sanders on behalf of the club for the many years of sponsorship they provided supporting the club and our track events at HPR. Thank You Boulder Nissan!

ZCCC Members,

Please keep these members and their families in your thoughts, reach out to them and wish them well.

Rick Mraz

It is with great sadness that we notify you on the passing of Mary Mraz. Rick has sent the following:

Family and Friends,

We will remember Mary at a Celebration of Life on 7 Oct 2020 at the Mount Carmel Veteran’s Service Center in Colorado Springs, CO from 4:00pm-5:00pm.   We will have a reception at Mount Carmel after the memorial service from 5:00pm – 8:00pm.

Due to COVID restrictions, the memorial service is limited to family and close friends.   We ask for others who would like to pay respects to attend the reception.

We will send personal invitations to the memorial service to make sure we do not violate the maximum seating count.   We have also arranged for the memorial service to be Live Streamed on the internet for those who cannot attend in-person.

We expect to have Mary’s Obituary posted at the Funeral Home site soon-   https://www.tsfs.co/obituaries/obituary-listings

In lieu of flowers, the family would like donations to Ray of Hope Cancer Foundation in Mary’s name: https://secure.givelively.org/donate/ray-of-hope-cancer-foundation/mary-mraz-charitable-donation

On behalf of the membership the board has made a charitable-donation to the Ray of Hope Cancer Foundation in Mary’s name.

Meet your ZCCC Board for 2020-2021

  • President: Don Gordon
  • Vice President: Gail Mund
  • Treasurer: Bill Lohringel
  • Secretary:  Cheryl McKenney
  • Membership: Andy Mortenson
  • Public Relations: Nate Derman
  • Interclub Liaison: Travis Scott
  • Odometer: Cheryle Derman

Nissan Z: 50 Years of Exhilarating Performance

This gorgeous hardbound book has over 175 color glossy pages displaying every model of the Z car. It will make a beautiful addition to your library or a very impressive coffee-table book.

Active Memberships (those members each accumulating 15 points or more) this year will be getting this book as their Active Member gift (one book per family).

We will have a few extra books for sale at the discounted member price of $35. (MSRP is $45). Several members have already paid for and received their book. The feedback has been very positive. For example George DelGrosso said “Great Book”, Brett Hufford said “This book is amazing, quality is so much more than I expected”, Jason Spegal said that’s an awesome book”. If you want a book, please email Don Gordon at president@zccc.org. Books are on a first come, first serve basis.

In addition to the Nissan Z Book, Active Members this year will be receiving a face mask with our club logo on it. If you want to purchase one, they are $10 each. Please contact Don Gordon at President@zccc.org. Member JoAnn Sainz-Dean has purchased a Nissan book and face mask. Thanks, JoAnn. Hope you enjoy them both.

Nissan Z Proto Points the Way to a New Sports Car by Looking Back


Auto Week, September 15, 2020, Featured an article by Jay Ramey on the New Proto Nissan 400Z. Check it out.


Celebrating 50 Years of Z-Cars, Z Enthusiasts and America’s Most Iconic Z-car Event

Pre-Order Your Limited Edition Copy

ZCON 1988-2020 takes you back in time to celebrate 50 years of Z-cars, 33 years of ZCON’s, pictures of Z enthusiast cars from around the world and a Forward from “Mad” Mike Taylor. The book also includes Mr. K Achievements throughout the years along with other prominent national Z events that include Z1 Nationals, Branson Z Fest, MSA West Coast Nationals and ZDayZ, which have all contributed to helping keep the Z revered in the sports car world.

I believe this is the first Z-car related book of its kind. It’s not about model specifications. Those can be found in any number of Z books and automotive magazines published in the past 50 years. This book is about Z events that have helped create a cult-like following in the Z community. There will be Mr. K achievements related to the Z throughout the book as well as not-so-common Z history from the past 50 years that includes: what made special edition/limited edition Z cars so unique, the early year Z car racers that brought attention to the Z by winning national championships, just to name a couple.

Another change from the norm is the chance for any Z owner to get their car in the book. An email was sent out a couple of weeks ago asking owners to send in pictures of their Z’s. Anyone that has to this point will be in the book. FYI: if you haven’t submitted a picture, it’s not to late. Find that email, follow the directions and get it in.

Attached are jpg samples of what the book will look like. If you are attending this years ZCON, I will have full size color prints of the same pages available for viewing. You should be able to see them at the raffle table in the registration room.

To order your copy, click on the order button. There are a number of options for buying the book including being able to order it as a gift for someone this holiday season (only available in the United States). It will be gift wrapped along with a to: and from: card and sent directly to them and is guaranteed to be delivered before December 20th. The pre-order form on the website will be active until October 30th. Discounts kick in if you order more then one book. *NOTE: This is a limited edition book and there won’t be many extras beyond what is pre-ordered. So don’t delay, get your order in now!
Art Singer


To protect club member’s privacy, for events hosted by members, please log into zccc.org/members to view organizer’s contact information.

October General Meeting/Annual Banquet – via Zoom

When: Wednesday, October 7th, 2020 @ 7pm
Where: The convenience of your home or office. See instruction for logging on below.

November General – via Zoom

When: Wednesday, November 4, 2020 @ 7pm
Where: The convenience of your home or office.

October General Meeting Agenda

  • 6:30 PM: “Doors Open” to start Zoom online check-in
  • 6:30 – 7:00: Opportunity to socialize as everyone logs in
  • 7:00 – 7:10: Call meeting to order, Welcome everyone and explain meeting guidelines.
  • 7:10 – 7:15: Introduce new members and guests
  • 7:15 – 7:35: Individual Board Reports
  • 7:35 – 7:45: President Report
  • 7:45 – 7:50: Old Business/New Business
  • 7:50 – 8:00: Question & Answer Period
  • 8:00 – 8:10: Door Prizes
  • 8:15PM – Adjourn

How To Log-in to Zoom General Meeting

Wednesday October 7th

Hello Z Car Club of Colorado
Our October 7th General Meeting will be held virtually via Zoom.

We will have socializing time from 6:30 PM-7:00pm. Then our official meeting will begin at 7:00 pm. Usually we have our October meeting at a banquet. Even though we can’t get together for our annual celebrations, we are going to celebrate virtually. 


If you would like to SEE everyone, join by computer (that has a camera and a mic) or smart phone. This allows you to see and share your screen or camera. You can select “audio only” if you prefer others not seeing you. Please test your computer camera and/or microphone when you first log in.


  • Direct link to join the meeting: Link
  • If you have never used Zoom before you will be prompted to download and run the Zoom app on your smart phone or computer. Future meetings will then just open in the app automatically. You do not have to create a Zoom account un-less you want to host your own meetings.

If you don’t have a camera but would like to hear and speak to everyone, you can join by phone. You can use any phone (including land-lines) to participate via audio only. Dial this number (646) 568-7788

  • You will be asked for the Meeting ID: 933 9462 8845
  • You will be asked for the Password: 123456

Hints if using the phone option:

  • To mute/unmute yourself on the phone hit *6
  • To raise your hand on the phone hit *9

If you are having technical difficulties please call Tiffany at 720-334-8195 or Don at 720-477-0146.

Zoom is inclusive for all. As long as you have a phone you can join us. We hope to Z you there.
Thanks, ZCCC Board

ZCON 2020 – Wrap up

Check out the ZCON 2020 You Tube Video’s: List,
Day1, Day 2, Day 3-Track Day , Day 4,
People’s Choice Car Show
Judged Car Show
Car Show and Closing Banquet
ZCON 2021-Colorado

Alex Millward – First Place
Diana Inberg – Second Place
Fred & Kathy Minister – Second Place
Ira Sanders – Second Place

Zaturday Drive – Wrap up

We met at 9:30 AM at the Park-n-Ride lot on Ken Caryl Parkway just east of C-470. There were 23 ZCCC members in attendance, including new members Mike and Wendy Rhyne. President Don Gordon took advantage of the opportunity to pass out the 2020 active member gifts which included official ZCCC face masks along with the 50th Anniversary Nissan coffee table book. After the route instructions were passed out, the group departed for a leisurely cruise to Bergen Park via a circuitous and scenic route through the foothills. A few members arrived at the park by 11:30, but several were delayed due to an unscheduled “pit stop” at the residence of Steve Robertson on Snowshoe Road. At the end of the drive, 15 members and guests shared picnic lunches at the Bergen City Park. The weather was very cooperative and I think everyone enjoyed the event.

Nissan’s Finest – Wrap up

September Event Wrap up

Check out the PDF version of the Odometer for all the details on How Much Fun ZCCC members had. A BIG THANK YOU  for Septembers Photos:

  • Don Gordon
  • Tiffany Gordon
  • Diana Inberg
  • Andy Mortenson
  • Ira Sanders

Photos have been uploaded to the event announcement on the website or can be found in the pdf version of the Odometer. Go to Past Events to see them or ZCCC Facebook.

Membership News & Club Info

Renewals Due…
Oct: Chris Houghton
(your membership is up for renewal)

Sep: Chris & Tammy Romano
(your membership is past due)

Aug: Bill Grodeska, Mike & Deborah Ramirez
(your membership is 2 months past due and you will be dropped at the end of August)

Welcome to New Members:
Osborn Wu, Centennial, 2006 350Z;
Mike & Wendy Rhyne, Aurora, 2004 350Z;
Philip Aronowitz, Willingboro NJ, 1988 300ZX;
Rob Balsley, McKinney TX, 1984 300ZX;
Greg Balsley, McKinney TX, 2010 Camaro;
Konstantin Zaremski, Highlands Ranch, 1986 300ZXT;
Tom Jacobson, Arvada, 2020 370Z

Membership Information
Memberships – 100
Members – 133

Happy Birthday to You
10/1 Rosemary Guthrie
10/5 Jack Epling
10/8 Vincent Nicoletti
10/11 John Marr
10/12 David Fisher
10/12 Gerald Drefahl
10/14 Mike Rhyne
10/18 Cheryle Derman
10/21 Lee Hill
10/21 Shawn Krebs
10/28 Colin McEuen
10/29 Jacki Barton

Member Dues
Dues: Single Membership $35, Family $45. To receive the Odometer via postal mail add $10 annually.

ZCCM Magazine
ZCCM Subscribers, the latest issue of the ZCCM has arrived.  Due to the ongoing circumstances the issue will be mailed to your address on file, and I will be reaching out to you over the next few weeks to confirm your address before mailing.  For those who are not subscribers, if you would like to join to receive this amazing magazine the cost is $13.50.  Payment can be with check or cash.  Checks are preferred.  Please make out checks to “Z Car Club of Colorado”.  For any questions or interest please reach out to Jason Spegal. Thanks,

Moving or Have Moved
Don’t forget to update your address, phone numbers and email in the Edit My Profile under your name in the upper right corner.

What are they and how do I get them? Refer someone to join the club, and when they do, you get $5.00 Z bucks to use toward membership or apparel.


Meeting Minutes for September 2nd via Zoom

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm.
Welcome to members and guests.
A quorum of members was established.
Discussion was held on prospective members completing the application process and their eligibility to vote in the election at this meeting.
Each candidate was allotted 3 minutes to discuss their qualifications for the position they are seeking . The candidates for Interclub Liaison started with Ira Sanders and then Travis Scott. The candidates for President went next with Alex Millward followed by Don Gordon.
Digital ballots were then sent to all eligible members and absentee ballots were counted. Voting closed after 15 minutes and Don Gordon was re-elected as President and Travis Scott was elected Interclub Liaison.
Secretary Report: Cheryl McKenney
Minutes from the August meeting were motioned, seconded and approved
Vice President Report: Travis Scott
The active member gift this year will be the Nissan Z book and will be one book per membership or couple. The Club will be ordering extra books and selling them for $35
Past Events:
August 15th – Z Drive Southeast
August 16th – Roy’s Drive-by Cruise
August 22nd – Z Car Show Bingo Party
Future Events:
September 14-19th – ZCON Tennessee
September 19th – Zaturday Drive
September 26th – Z Drive Fall Colors
September 27th – Nissan’s Finest Car Show
October 7th—General Meeting and Annual Banquet
Treasurer’s Report: Bill Lohringel
Bill Lohringel reported the club was doing well financially
Membership Report: Andy Mortenson
The club has 94 memberships and 126 members
Public Relations Report: Nate Derman
Flyers for the club have been delivered to all of the Larry H Miller locations
Interclub Report: Alex Millward
The video has been completed and is ready to present at ZCON
Odometer Report: Tammy Sanders
If you have any pictures or articles for the Odometer please send them to Tammy. Submissions to the Odometer are due by the 20th of the month. Pictures from events will now be posted to the Past Events section of the website.
President Report: Don Gordon
Birthday greetings to the Club members with birthdays in September. The wife of longtime member Rick Mraz has passed away from cancer. The Annual Banquet will be held virtually this year due to COVID 19 restrictions. Active member gifts will be delivered to members or handed out at events in September. Our new webmaster will be Tom Ziegelbauer. Tom will be doing website maintenance and helping with the search for a new webmaster.
Guest Speaker:
Old Business:
New Business:
Member Tom Ziegelbauer requested a review of the Constitution to look at issues caused by the COVID 19 pandemic
No Drawing was held this month.
Meeting adjourned at 9:07pm.


Odometer Ad Submission Info


Exterior Color: White
Interior: Tan
Mileage: 98,700
Transmission: 5-Speed
Condition: Very Good
Needs: New Windshield
Asking Price: $5,000 or best offer
Owner: Robert Switzer
Email: rwswitzer@comcast.net
Phone: 720-800-2261

A Note from your Public Relations:
Check out Larry H. Miller’s great discount in the PDF version of the Odometer.


Window Shopper: Datsun 240Z

By David S. Wallens
Jul 14, 2020 | Datsun240Z | Posted in Buyer’s Guides , Window Shopper | From the Nov. 2016 issue | Never miss an article

Link to online article:

[Editor’s Note: This article originally ran in the November 2016 issue of Classic Motorsports. Some information may be different today.]

Our sports car world can be divided into two epochs: before and after the arrival of Datsun’s 240Z.

Before the 240Z arrived stateside for the 1970 model year, small-bore sports cars came from Europe and sported wire wheels. Most asked their occupants to sacrifice some comfort and convenience for style and performance.

Japan’s release of the 240Z pushed us into modern times with its practical hatchback shape and contemporary driving position. It was reliable, too, and looked more expensive than it was. The genuine wood shift knob perfectly rooted the car in its day.

Oh, and the 240Z could perform, too. Peter Brock’s BRE team quickly established the 240Z as the car to beat in SCCA C Production racing, further putting the European establishment on notice. In the hands of privateers and other factory-supported efforts, the 240Z continued to perform well. (Brock even took the 240Z Baja racing, too.)

Our glasses haven’t been rose-tinted by hindsight, either. Road & Track’s original road test praised the new release: “The basic list price of the 240Z is $3526 and at this price it is a   super-bargain, with a combination of styling, performance and handling far ahead of anything else under $4000.”

The 240Z retained its basic body nearly all the way through the ‘70s, with Nissan renaming the model as engine displacement increased: The original 2.4-liter 240Z was eventually replaced by the 2.6-liter 260Z for just 1974, followed by the 2.8-liter 280Z the next year.

With increased displacement came increased weight, though, so those original 240Zs command the most interest. The first cars, those built before June 1972, also came with the desirable SU-style carburetors. Their replacement was the flat-top Hitachi, a carb that won few fans. Fortunately, intake setups can be easily backdated.

 Shopping Advice

Les Cannaday, owner of Classic Datsun Motorsports, knows the 240Z inside and out. The 240Z doesn’t enjoy quite the parts support of the MGB or TR6, but replacement parts can be found. Plus, more are coming to market as interest increases.

These cars can rust, especially around the battery. Check the battery box as well as the stuff beneath it, meaning the right frame rail, floor and passenger footwell. While you’re there, also look for poor repairs. Check the frame rails for jack damage, too. If the rocker panels are   going to rust, it’s by the rear wheels. The sheet metal above the taillights can rust, too.

Many owners have complained of exhaust smells inside the car. If the tailpipe doesn’t run out past the rear bumper, this will happen. Torn taillight seals and worn hatch seals can also let smells into the cabin. To find out if your rear hatch seal is tight enough, close the hatch on a piece of notebook paper. If you can just barely pull out the paper, then the seal is good.

Nissan is running out of some original parts, but the good news is that people are starting to make stuff. Vintage Rubber, for example, offers new taillight lenses, bumper trim and body seals. Kip Motor Company also makes new taillight lenses and track rod ends.

The stock brakes are effective but not wonderful. A popular setup includes the four-piston calipers from an early-’80s Toyota pickup, 1984 Nissan 300ZX rotors, Datsun 280ZX 15/16-inch master cylinder and Design Products custom hubs. This setup fits inside a 15-inch wheel.

Because 14- and 15-inch tires are getting harder to find, 16×7-inch Panasport wheels have become popular.

A ⅞- or 1-inch front anti-roll bar is enough. Anything bigger can rip the sheet metal.

The 2.8-liter L28 engine found in the 280Z and 280ZX fits inside the 240Z. ZTherapy can help you retain the period-correct SU carbs. The 280ZX’s five-speed gearbox is also a welcome upgrade, although the rear ends needed to complete the swap are getting rare.

Air conditioning was a dealer option. Classic Datsun is experimenting with a modern setup that uses a lightweight, modern compressor.

“The 240Z pushed us into modern times with its practical hatchback shape and contemporary driving position.”

Thank you to club member Steve Kottmeier for providing this content.