2020 September Odometer

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August Odometer Contents


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this newsletter are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Z Car Club of Colorado or the Odometer editor.

ZCCC Members,
ZCCC is committed to the health and safety of our members, visitors and guests. We are closely monitoring advisories from the State of Colorado and various health sources regarding the COVID-19 threat. This directive was approved by the ZCCC Board of Directors and is being communicated to all of our members.

The September and October monthly meetings will be held via ZOOM

The following ZCCC events are happening with social distancing guidelines in place and wearing of face masks. The Board will reassess regarding future events and will advise accordingly. Members are asked to check the ZCCC Website Event listing and Facebook for current updates regarding Events in September and October.

The Board meeting for September will be via ZOOM conferencing. If you wish to participate, please contact President Don Gordon.

We recommend the following precautions be observed by all club members, whether in public places or while traveling as a club or your daily routes:

  1. Minimize human contact (no hand shaking); try to remain at least 6 feet away from other people.
  2. Wash hands for a minimum of 20 seconds with soap and hot water, or use a sanitizer gel.
  3. If you don’t have a tissue, use your sleeve to cough.
  4. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.
  5. Use knuckles or elbows to push elevator buttons or open doors when possible.
  6. REMAIN AT HOME and/or self-quarantine if your health is compromised, if you’ve recently traveled internationally or by air, or if you’re simply not feeling well.

As we receive more information on the progress of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), we will revise these measures and issue a notice to ZCCC members via the Odometer, Website and FaceBook.

Let’s Keep Everyone SAFE!

So far this year, we had the largest General Meeting via Zoom in August. It looks like our members are getting used to this conference call technology. We even had a prior member, Karen Haldane, and a new member, Michael Nigro, join in.

Membership Chairman, Andy Mortenson, reported that we are experiencing unprecedented membership growth.

And the events just keep on coming…both in-person and virtual. There are many drives, a parade to honor the health of our long time member Roy Davis following his open heart surgery, some virtual Bingo and an frozen custard event where the host Travis Scott is getting other car clubs to join in. Some members are even driving to Nashville for this year’s ZCON. It sure sounds like a lot of FUN!

To make sure our election process has the integrity in voting you would expect, I appointed our secretary Cheryl McKenney as our Election Director. Cheryl will oversee the entire election process. She is committed to making this election go smoothly.

For absentee ballot instructions, please see the article in this Odometer. Otherwise I hope you can attend the General Meeting via Zoom on September 2nd to participate in this year’s election.

Lastly, I want to wish our Constitution Analyst, Patty Troxell, a speedy recovery from her bicycle accident. She was actually hit by a car. She is in a cast but she’s already talking about her next bike ride. Now that’s determination!
Don Gordon

ZCCC Members,

Please keep these members and their families in your thoughts, reach out to them and wish them well.

Roy Davis, Kathy DelGrosso
Rick & Mary Mraz, Patty Troxell
Eldon Luers

Roy continues to recover from heart surgery and kidney stones.  We wish Roy and Stormi the very best. If you would like to send a Heart Healthy meal to Roy at home, please do. Stormi and Roy would greatly appreciate these meals to lessen the burden of having to prepare or think about dinner. If you would like to prepare a low fat, low salt, heart healthy meal for the family, please click here to sign-up: Meals for Davis Family.

Kathy is recovering from successful open lung surgery at Univ. of CA, San Diego where they removed blood clots that were causing her pulmonary hypertension.  She is doing well and was been moved to the rehab floor and hopefully will be coming home before the end of Aug.  Prognosis is very good that she will no longer need supplemental oxygen.

Mary’s cancer and pain have steadily gotten worse this summer. Her pain management treatments are no longer helping and Mary’s mobility is declining.  They have made the decision to suspend chemotherapy and seek home hospice care.

Patty is recovering after being hit by a vehicle while riding her bike.  She is pretty banged up.  She has a fractured wrist and is at home recovering.   We hope she will be back on her bike for more adventures as quick as possible.

Eldon, on behalf of Z Car Club of Colorado, we are saddened to hear of the recent loss of your father.

Please spread the love and well wishes to our members recovering form illness and going through these difficult times. 
A simple note to say “Hi, you are in our thoughts” goes a long way.

2020 Active Member Stats

If you had any doubts about what ZCCC members were going to do during a pandemic, here are the numbers as of this posting.

Summation of events so far: 17 and counting (5 more before end of
September). 3 charity events, 3 small car shows, 6 drives (1 non-sanctioned) and 1 Autocross
General Meetings: 10 with 1 more to go
Member’s having participated in events/meetings: 59

Potential Active Members this year: You are so close.
Jason Spegal—10 pts
Bill Lohringel—10 pts
Diana Inberg—11 pts
Jim Revesz—12 pts

Member who have achieved Active Member status for this year so far
Nate and Cheryle Derman
Ron Gardner and Carole Weckbaugh
Don, Judy and Tiffany Gordon
Ed McHugh and Judy Genoff
Bruce and Cheryl Mckenney
Alex Millward
Fred and Kathy Minister
Andy Mortenson
Gail Mund
Steve Robertson
Ira and Tammy Sanders
Travis Scott
Patty Troxell

Congratulations to ZCCC Members! Even with the social distancing and the
bottles of hand sanitizer in your pockets, You got out. Showed off your cars.
And had a great year with a month and a half to go!

New Nissan Z Book

Nissan Z: 50 Years of Exhilarating Performance

This gorgeous hardbound book has over 175 color glossy pages displaying every model of the Z car. It will make a beautiful addition to your library or a very impressive coffee-table book.

Active Memberships (those members each accumulating 15 points or more) this year will be getting this book as their Active Member gift (one book per family).

We will have a few extra books for sale at the discounted member price of $35. (MSRP is $45). Members George & Kathy DelGrosso already paid for and reserved their copy. If you want a book, please let VP Travis Scott or President Don Gordon know. It’s on a first come, first serve basis.

ZCCC Board Elections for the 2020-2021

In Person Voting Procedures :

Voting for Board position will be done virtually at the September meeting. Members can only vote at September meeting or by absentee ballot At the beginning of the September meeting an email will be sent to members in attendance who have not voted by absentee ballot. The email will be from cmckenney1921@gmail.com with a subject of ZCCC Board Ballot 20 – 21.

When the email is opened the recipient will be invited to fill out the form and can do so by clicking the “Fill out Form” box. 

This will direct you to the Ballot where you enter your name (this is a required field), choose one candidate for President and one candidate for Interclub Liaison. Once all information has been entered and candidates have been selected you may click the “Submit” box and your vote will be cast.

The screen will indicate that your response has been received and will then allow for an additional person to submit a ballot.   The same procedures will be followed for any additional ballots cast.

There are only 2 options for voting, if you are attending the virtual meeting via Zoom or request an absentee ballot as instructed here-in. Votes without a name will not be counted. Multiple votes by the same person will not be counted at all.

Voting will be open for approximately 20 minutes to allow for members to access their email and cast their vote.

Absentee ballots will be added to the candidate totals after voting has closed and the winners will be announced.

Absentee Ballots:
If a member of the ZCCC cannot attend the virtual meeting on September 2, 2020 they may request an absentee ballot.  The request for an absentee ballot needs to be made to the Secretary, Cheryl McKenney via email at bcjbmcken@aol.com.  Absentee ballots are sent via USPS and need to be returned via USPS by September 2, 2020.

The Slate of officers for the upcoming year is as follows:

  • President: Don Gordon (incumbent) or Alex Millward
  • Vice President: Gail Mund
  • Treasurer: Bill Lohringel
  • Secretary:  Cheryl McKenney
  • Membership: Andy Mortenson
  • Public Relations: Nate Derman
  • Interclub Liaison: Travis Scott or Ira Sanders
  • Odometer: Tammy Sanders


To protect club member’s privacy, for events hosted by members, please log into zccc.org/members to view organizer’s contact information.

September General Meeting – via Zoom

When: Wednesday, September 2nd, 2020 @ 7pm
Where: The convenience of your home or office. See instruction for logging on below.

October General/Annual Banquet Meeting – via Zoom

When: Wednesday, October 7, 2020 @ 7pm
Where: The convenience of your home or office.

September 2nd General Meeting Agenda

  • 6:30 PM: “Doors Open” to start Zoom online check-in
  • 6:30 – 7:00: Opportunity to socialize as everyone logs in
  • 7:00 – 7:10: Call meeting to order, Welcome everyone and explain meeting guidelines. Introduce new members and guests.
  • 7:10 – 7:40 Election (while votes are being counted, we will continue with meeting. Cheryl McKenney will announce when she has final counts).
  • 7:40 – 7:45 Approve Minutes
  • 7:45 – 8:00: Individual Board Reports
  • 8:00 – 8:10: President Report
  • 8:10-8:15:  Old Business/New Business/Q&A
  • 8:20PM- Adjourn
  • No Door Prizes this month due to the extra time needed for the election.

How To Log-in to Zoom General Meeting

Wednesday September 2nd

Hello Z Car Club of Colorado
Our September 2nd General Meeting will be held virtually via Zoom.

We will have socializing time from 6:30 PM-7:00pm. Then our official meeting will begin at 7:00 pm. We have a packed agenda as this month we have an election for two different board positions. 


If you would like to SEE everyone, join by computer (that has a camera and a mic) or smart phone. This allows you to see and share your screen or camera. You can select “audio only” if you prefer others not seeing you. Please test your computer camera and/or microphone when you first log in.


  • Direct link to join the meeting: https://zoom.us/j/98905568887?pwd=ZjhqNHpteXpjZExyR0hnMFgyU3hTUT09
  • • If you have never used Zoom before you will be prompted to download and run the Zoom app on your smart phone or computer. Future meetings will then just open in the app automatically. You do not have to create a Zoom account un-less you want to host your own meetings.

If you don’t have a camera but would like to hear and speak to everyone, you can join by phone. You can use any phone (including land-lines) to participate via audio only. Dial this number (646) 568-7788

  • You will be asked for the Meeting ID: 989 0556 8887
  • You will be asked for the Password: 123456

Hints if using the phone option:

  • To mute/unmute yourself on the phone hit *6
  • To raise your hand on the phone hit *9

If you are having technical difficulties please call Tiffany at 720-334-8195 or Don at 720-477-0146.

Zoom is inclusive for all. As long as you have a phone you can join us. We hope to Z you there.
Thanks, ZCCC Board

Virtual Z Car Show Bingo Party!

When: Sat. August 22nd, 2020, 10 am to 12 pm
Where: Zoom with your car
Host: Alex Millward
Cost: $2.00 per card with 1/2 proceeds going to the club 1/2 going to winners
Deadline: Register by 7 pm August 19th send email to Alex Millward club@zccc.org

What does a good classic game of BINGO have to do with a virtual Z Car Show?   Pull out the Z-car, pull up the Z-chairs next to the car, grab a cool beverage and your laptop or smartphone and let’s sit around and have an old fashioned game of BINGO while we  admire all of the beautiful cars being represented.

Log into the Zoom meeting at 10:00 am, and the BINGO dice will roll at 10:15.  

If you are unable to position yourself in front of your Z Car (quite alright) submit a recent photo of your Z car so we all know which car you are representing! 

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: https://meetings.ringcentral.com/j/1481645803
For the best audio experience, please use computer audio.

Or iPhone one-tap :
US: +1(720)9027700,,1481645803# (US Central)

2020 Colorado Concours d’Elegance Canceled Due to Ongoing COVID-19 Concerns

Denver, CO. (August 18, 2020) – Knowing that entrants, judges, volunteers and guests face ongoing health concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic, officials of the Colorado Concours d’Elegance have decided to cancel the 2020 show, which was postponed in June.

“We thank all of the enthusiasts who have gathered time and again to celebrate great cars, renew long-standing friendships, and give so generously to Ability Connection Colorado,” said Concours Founder & Co Chairman Tom Scott. “The purpose of this event has always been to raise necessary funds for the community’s at-risk children and families. Ultimately, the continued health and safety of everyone associated with the Concours is our number one priority, which led us to this difficult decision. We recognize that cancelling the 2020 Event will result in a devastating loss of critically needed funds to help continue the life-changing programs and services of Ability Connection Colorado, although we are confident it is appropriate under these unique circumstances.”

CONCOURS is a CRITICAL FUNDRAISER that brings in over $100,000 each year for ACCO’s five Creative Options for Early Childhood Education Centers. These centers RELY on the goodness of the Concours community to HELP FUND VITAL SER-VICES for AT-RISK CHILDREN.

Even though the event has been cancelled, the need is ongoing and becoming dire. We know that we cannot make up the loss of funds raised through public spectators, but we hope those who have planned to attend will consider making a 100% tax-deductible donation in the amount of your normal registration / sponsorship.

Every dollar donated goes towards supporting Ability Connection Colorado’s mission to provide SAFE, critical early childhood education for children with disabilities and other life challenges, WHILE IMPLEMENTING NEW SAFETY practices and procedures as required by the State of Colorado.

Want to help? PLEASE DONATE TODAY at https://bit.ly/ACCODonate to take advantage of *tax credits/write-offs!

Federal CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security) Act Includes Charitable Giving Tax Break for Donors
COLORADO CHILD CARE CONTRIBUTION TAX CREDIT: When you give to Ability Connection Colorado and designate your gift in support of our Creative Options program, you can take advantage of tax credit programs that enable you to give more, receive something in return and possibly multiply your gift in the process!

33rd Annual ZCON
“The 50th Anniversary of the Z Celebration”

When: September 14-19, 2020, Travel 12-13 and 20-21
Where: Nashville, TN
Diana Inberg and Alex Millward


There will be two versions of the drive to Nashville and back.  Alex Millward is trailering his Z, so this drive will  be a bit slower and more gas stops.  Alex will lead, this group, if you choose to drive with him even if you are not trailering you are more than welcome to join him.

Diana Inberg will lead the Z car Driving group.  This drive will be a little faster and with less gas stops.

We are planning on spending the night in Kansas City, MO on Sept 12th.  We will follow   I-70 all the way into Kansas City.  The next morning we are still on I-70 until St. Louis.  Then we take I-64 to Mount Vernon, Illinois.  The highway changes there to I-57 then to   I-24.  The rest of the way to Nashville.  It is about 1200 miles, 16 hours and 39 minutes without stops.  So plan on more like 17 and half to 18 hours over the two days.  There is a small toll required on this route in Kansas.

The return trip will be just the opposite of the trip to Nashville.  Spending the night at the same hotel in Kansas City, MO on September 20th.

If you are joining us for this trip to ZCON 2020, please email me or Alex to let us know you are going so we can meet you at the starting place: Murphy’s Express, 3470 Tower Road, Aurora, CO 80011. 

Rolling out of Murphy’s Express at 8am sharp.

Diana Inberg email (can be found in the Members Directory) phone or text 402-580-3956
Alex Millward email: club@zccc.org, phone or text (can be found in the Members Directory)

This is the quintessential Z Car Event of every year.  So I hope some of the club or anyone with a Z car will join us.  The week long activities and Z car camaraderie is not to be missed.

Zaturday Drive

When: Saturday, September 19, 9:30 am
Where: Ken Caryl Park-N-Ride
Host: Andy Mortenson
Cost: $0.00

I’ve recently learned that the big car show at my church on September 19th has been cancelled due to Corona Virus. Rather than let that date go to waste, I’ve decided to host a Zaturday drive instead. Some of you may remember a drive we took back in 2013 where we met at Ken Caryl Ranch and drove up to the Brook Forest Inn in Evergreen for lunch. It was a very scenic drive on a lot of fun twisty roads so we’re going to do it again.

We’ll meet at 9:30 AM at the Park-n-Ride lot on Ken Caryl Parkway located just east of   C-470.  From there, we’ll take a leisurely cruise to Evergreen via a circuitous, but scenic route. The drive covers about 35 miles of paved country roads and should take about 1.5 hours to complete. Detailed route instructions will be provided at the Park-n-Ride prior to departure.  Unfortunately, the Brook Forest Inn is closed so the drive will end at an alternate location which will be provided in the instructions. Due to the uncertainties surrounding the virus at this point, I would not plan to have lunch at a restaurant on this drive.   

Z Drive Fall Colors – Revised

When: Saturday, September 26, 8:30 am

Where: East Tin Cup Market (17881 W. Colfax Ave, Golden, CO 80401
Cost: $0.00

Host: Travis ScottSeptember is a time when Colorado shows off its colors. We will meet in Golden and make our way west. Our highlights may be driving past beautiful Echo Lake and Squaw Pass and other colorful places. 

Due to Colorado’s Severe Fire Season we may need to alter our route as we go.Today’s drive is a 1⁄2 day (3.5 to 4 hrs. long). With social distancing guidelines being mandatory due to Covid 19, stopping somewhere to eat for lunch is not planned. Please bring drink and snacks. Also bring radios (channel 5.30) so we can communicate. Questions? Email Travis at vice-president@zccc.org

Nissan’s Finest

When: Sunday, September 27, 10:30 am-1:30 pm
Where: Andy’s Frozen Custard, 3505 River Point Pkwy, Englewood, 80110
Host: Travis Scott
Cost: $0.00

Nissan celebrates this year a half a century of history and heritage with the 50th anniversary edition models of the GTR and 370z while also releasing a teaser commercial for a new Z car. These variations and other older Nissan sporty vehicles are becoming desirable and more commonly imported now and have their own enthusiast community. I want to do a collaborative event with all Nissan enthusiast and their sports cars to enjoy the end of summer. Please invite anyone with any Nissan make or model. There will be awards based on voting for each model. The third and fourth generation Nissan Skyline known as R32 & R33 can be imported to the USA and has a huge following, their group has confirmed they will attend hopefully about 15 or more of them. I have contacted a few of 1990’s 240sx owners that will attempt to get 10 cars or so. I’m hoping we can get all of our Z cars down there, a lot of them have Z cars as well or are into Z cars. Vehicles will be spaced out to accommodate social distancing and please bring mask, Andy’s frozen custard is excited to have us.

Picnic Drive – CANCELED

August Event Wrap Up

Check out the PDF version of the Odometer for all the details on How Much Fun ZCCC members had. A BIG THANK YOU  for August’s Event Photos:

  • Nate Derman
  • Andy Mortenson
  • Tammy Sanders

We are in the beginning steps of adding Photos to the web Event announcement. Go to  Past Events to check out the July and August events. Let us know what you think. We would like to hear your feedback.

Membership News & Club Info

Renewals Due…
Sep: Mike Goddard, Don, Judy & Tiffany Gordon, John Marr, John & Susan Mavis, Ed Mc Hugh & Judy Genoff, Dennis Mateski, Rick Mraz, Chris & Tammy Romano, J. Iredell Smith, Scott Swiger, Phil Taylor & Susan Goldsmith
(your membership is up for renewal)

Aug: Ron Gardner & Carole Weckbaugh, Bill Grodeska, Joe McVicker, Mike & Deborah Ramirez, Dave Sandbach, Jason Spegal, Patty Troxell
(your membership is past due)

Jul: James Revesz
(your membership is 2 months past due and you will be dropped at the end of August)

Welcome to New Members:
Andy Coffman, Wellington, 1986 300ZXT
Colin McEuen, Englewood, 1985 300ZX
Karen Haldane, Aurora, 1977 280Z

Membership Information
Memberships – 94
Members – 126

Happy Birthday to You
(9/3) Elliot Sandberg
(9/6) Thomas Siirola
(9/6) Scott Swiger
(9/11) Ira Sanders
(9/17) Carole Weckbaugh
(9/18) John Fasciani
(9/19) Jose Perez
(9/20) Tammy Sanders
(9/21) Larry Hutfles
(9/26) Paul Reynolds
(9/28) Alex Millward

Member Dues
Dues: Single Membership $35, Family $45. To receive the Odometer via postal mail add $10 annually.

ZCCM Magazine
ZCCM Subscribers, the latest issue of the ZCCM has arrived.  Due to the ongoing circumstances the issue will be mailed to your address on file, and I will be reaching out to you over the next few weeks to confirm your address before mailing.  For those who are not subscribers, if you would like to join to receive this amazing magazine the cost is $13.50.  Payment can be with check or cash.  Checks are preferred.  Please make out checks to “Z Car Club of Colorado”.  For any questions or interest please reach out to Jason Spegal. Thanks,

Moving or Have Moved
Don’t forget to update your address, phone numbers and email in the Edit My Profile under your name in the upper right corner.

Cheryle Derman received $5.00 for Karen Haldane
What are they and how do I get them? Refer someone to join the club, and when they do, you get $5.00 Z bucks to use toward membership or apparel.


Meeting Minutes for August 5th via Zoom

The meeting was called to order at 7:01 pm.
Welcome to new member Michael Nigro and to guest and former member Karen Haldane.
Secretary Report: Cheryl McKenney
Minutes from the July meeting were motioned, seconded and approved.  The process for Board elections in September were explained along with details for absentee ballot’s.
Vice President Report: Travis Scott
The active member gift this year will be the Nissan Z Book and will be one book per membership or couple. The Club will be ordering extra books and selling them for $35.
Past Events:
July 4th – Z-licious Tortillas
July 11th – Vehicle Vault
July 18th – Children’s Hospital Toy Donation & Drive
July 18th – Seb’s Recreation Center Car Show
July 25th – Summer Fun Scavenger Hunt and Rally
July 12th – 31st – Pack a Backpack School Supply Drive at Larry H. Miller
Future Events:
August 15th – Z Drive Southeast
August 16th – Roy’s Drive-by Cruise
August 22nd – Z Car Show and Bingo Party
September 14-19th – ZCON
September 19th – Zaturday Drive
September 26th – Z Drive Fall Colors
September 27th – Nissan’s Finest Car Show
Treasurer’s Report: Bill Lohringel
No report given, was not present at the meeting.
Membership: Andy Mortenson
The Club has 92 memberships and 122 members. The Club welcomed 5 new members in July.
Public Relations: Nate Derman
Nothing new to report at this time.
Interclub: Alex Millward
ZCON is still set for September and you may request a refund if you will not be attending.
Odometer: Tammy Sanders
If you have any pictures or articles for the Odometer please send them to Tammy. Submissions to the Odometer are due by the 20th of the month. Pictures from events will now be posted to the Past Events section of the website.
President: Don Gordon
Birthday greetings to the Club members with birthdays in August.  The Club is looking for a new webmaster to maintain the Club website as Scott Swiger will be stepping down.  Roy Davis is recovering from open heart surgery and is now having issues with kidney stones.  If members would like to drop off a meal to Roy and his  family please contact his wife Stormi.  Nominations were taken from the floor and Alex Millward nominated Ira Sanders for Inter-Club Liaison which Ira accepted. Nominations were closed by motion, seconded and approved.
Guest Speaker: None. Old Business: None. New Business: None.
Drawing was held this month
Meeting adjourned at 8:25 pm.


Odometer Ad Submission Info

None this month

A Note from your Public Relations:
Check out Larry H. Miller’s great discount in the PDF version of the Odometer.


Thank You to Andy Mortenson for the submission of this article from MotorTrend.

The 2020 MotorTrend Power List – 50 key players in the auto industry, includes 2 Nissan executives:

2020 Rank : #46 – Alfonso Albaisa

Senior Vice President For Global Design, Nissan Motor Co.

Albaisa continues to redefine the look of the Nissan and Infiniti brands as they embrace a focus on electric vehicles. He poached former Lincoln designer David Woodhouse to help create distinctive Japanese designs. For Infiniti, the Inspiration concepts represent the future of the brand. At Nissan, an overhaul of the lineup is foreshadowed by the IMQ crossover concept.


2020 Rank : #5 – Designer: David Woodhouse

Vice President, Nissan Design America

The former Lincoln design chief hopes to replicate his magic for transforming overlooked vehicles into head turners for the aging Nissan and Infiniti portfolios. Woodhouse’s work has been exceptional and thrust Lincoln back into the spotlight as America’s luxury brand. Can lightning strike twice?

FYI…2020 Person of the Year is Peter Schreyer-President & Head of Design, Hyundai