2020 June Odometer

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June Odometer Contents


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this newsletter are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Z Car Club of Colorado or the Odometer editor.

ZCCC Members,
ZCCC is committed to the health and safety of our members, visitors and guests. We are closely monitoring advisories from the State of Colorado and various health sources regarding the COVID-19 threat. This directive was approved by the ZCCC Board of Directors and is being communicated to all of our members.

The June monthly meeting will be held via ZOOM

The following ZCCC events are happening with social distancing guidelines in place. The Board will reassess regarding July’s events and will advise accordingly. Members are asked to check the ZCCC Website Event listing and Facebook for current updates regarding Events in June and July.

Board meetings for June will be via conferencing. If you wish to participate, please contact President Don Gordon.

We recommend the following precautions be observed by all club members, whether in public places or while traveling as a club or your daily routes:

  1. Minimize human contact (no hand shaking); try to remain at least 6 feet away from other people.
  2. Wash hands for a minimum of 20 seconds with soap and hot water, or use a sanitizer gel.
  3. If you don’t have a tissue, use your sleeve to cough.
  4. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.
  5. Use knuckles or elbows to push elevator buttons or open doors when possible.
  6. REMAIN AT HOME and/or self-quarantine if your health is compromised, if you’ve recently traveled internationally or by air, or if you’re simply not feeling well.

As we receive more information on the progress of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), we will revise these measures and issue a notice to ZCCC members via the Odometer, Website and FaceBook.

I am very pleased to announce that our Z Car Club of Colorado is doing very well through these unprecedented times. We have continued with our meetings, members have offered very innovative physical and virtual events and our club is financially strong.

Our May General Meeting was the first time in the history of the club that we had an online meeting. I’ve been so pleased to see how many members have stepped up to figure out how to use Zoom. As our June 3rd General Meeting will once again be via Zoom, I encourage you to join the Zoom meetings. It’s so easy. You don’t even have to drive to the meeting. Just turn on your computer or use your smart phone and you’ll arrive very safely. I’ve been very fortunate to have Zoom meetings at work. Judy and Tiffany are doing school classrooms via Zoom. I have done several Happy Hours via Zoom. Our financial planner has informative meetings via Zoom. Even our HOA is holding Zoom meetings.

If you haven’t done anything with Zoom yet and you’d like a one-on-one tutorial, just let me know. Call me at 720-477-0146 or email: President@zccc.org. I will send you a personal Zoom link and we will figure out how to make you comfortable working with Zoom. And then you’ll get to see all your fellow members at our next Zoom meeting or event.

Are you wondering about your Active Member points? At our last Board meeting, our Vice President Travis Scott, suggested giving every member a Free Point for the April General Meeting that was cancelled. The Board voted in favor of this. So with the many meetings and events still planned this year, it’ll be easy to attain your 15 or more points to achieve Active Member status. The Board also decided to make the Annual Banquet FREE this year to Active Members in addition to getting an Active Member gift. Even though you may not get your usual 25 or 35 points, all you need is 15 to be an Active Member. Short a few points? Please host an event and instantly get an easy 4 points.

Thanks to the Sanders for hosting a Mother’s Day Drive encouraging members to get out of the house.

It was so much fun seeing everyone at the Derman’s auto parade and food donation. If you were there you got to see our outstanding new club banner, also we saw Bruce & Cheryl McKenney’s brand new red Platinum AWD Nissan Murano and we got to see the many things Diana Inberg did to her 350Z including new leather interior, matching leather floor mats and Brembo brakes. The FISH organization really appreciated the ZCCC hosting this event helping those in need.

Don’t miss the next event Andy Mortenson is hosting that will allow you to showcase your favorite Nissan/Datsun on our website. What an easy way to get a point. Following that, Andy will also host a fun bike ride.

I look forward to you reaching out to me if you need a little help with Zoom.

Don Gordon, President

The Nissan Next
Article by Alex Millward

Despite the financial hardships that Nissan USA is encountering, the company as a whole is moving forward and getting ready to produce its next line up of their vehicles.

On the last week of May, Nissan released a teaser video (1 minute, twelve seconds). The video showed a silhouette of the next series of their current vehicles and seemingly a few new surprises… The X-Trail and of course, the next generation Z Car!

This Z35, with the suggested name of the 400Z will no longer have the traditional naming convention based on the engine’s displacement number, but will be named after its boasted horsepower number-400hp. The rumored power plant is expecting to be the Infiniti’s Q60 Sport’s engine, the VR30DETT setup. This will be a 3.0 liter twin turbo setup. Many enthusiasts have voiced complaints or comments, saying that Nissan should call it the 300Z or 300ZX. Both generations of the 300zx (Z31 and Z32) were by far, the single best-selling Z Cars of all time throughout Nissan selling history. The Z31 had over 270,000 units sold and the z32 had close to 90,000 units sold in the USA. Many feel this would be a great nod towards a generation of Z Cars that set forth the path for the Nissan Z.

Any future release information for any of Nissan’s Next line up is still speculation as nothing more than a teaser and a flood of rumors floating around the internets blogs, social media, chat rooms and not to mention even popular magazines. Anyone’s guess is as good as another’s.

But Nissan has for sure been promising that the next Z will be fast and strong, and yet continue with the nimble suspension and handling that the past couple generations have done so well with. They have also said that the next Z will be focused more on its history in terms of design. In my opinion, that means more of a Datsun inspired design. I personally would hope to see a blend of all Z’s in some for a fashion implemented into this next chapter.

I for one, am happy to see that Nissan is still pushing and continuing with their innovative ideas and aggressive approaches to be recognized as not just one of the leading Import Markets in the US, but a strong contender for a family-recognized auto brand.

I will provide more updates to the release of information for the Nissan Next movement. But remember, its all stipulations and speculations until a final product is released. It’s not uncommon for a manufacture to change things to very last minute before a product launch.
Until then….

Spring Tips
Article by Alex Millward

With the arrival of warmer weather, its obvious that you’re putting away your winter clothing and pulling out your dusty summer shorts! This can be said for your summer vehicles! For us, its the Nissan Z Cars! While I am not a weather expert, I can certainly provide some tips and tricks on what you should do to get your car ready for this Summer’s fun!

If you have had your Z stuffed away in the garage during the cold winter, its time to bring it out!

The first thing you should do almost immediately is to change that oil! Oil has always had a change interval of 3,000 miles or 3 months, which ever comes first. That was said when conventional oil was the standard. With the advancements in oil manufacturing and technology, many manufactures of oil products say that you can now replace the oil every 5,000 miles or 6 months. Some product lines so that you can run the same oil change for an entire year! That’s 12 months! While I am a bit skeptical on that claim, I am still old fashion to where I change my oil every 3,000 miles or 3 months. I have 5 Z cars to where I don’t drive them all equally enough to rack up that sort of mileage, so I usually change their oil and filters all in the same day.  

I am not going to be recommending a particular brand of oil because I feel everyone will have their personal choice. However, I will definitely recommend that you follow what your vehicle recommends for you to run. In most cases, on Z Cars from the Z32 and older from 1970-1996, 10w40 is recommended for the summer temperatures. For the 350z and 370z, 5w40 is recommended. Additionally, oil weight can be differently recommended based on what type of performance modifications and driving styles are in place. I will always recommend a top tier oil brand. Please stay away from store brands or generic brands. These have less standards than other leading manufacturers.

After you’ve changed your oil (again, most important), you’ll need to have all other fluids checked. This includes brake fluid, clutch hydraulic fluid, transmission fluid levels, even your wash fluids! Its not uncommon for these fluids to either drop in levels (if leaks or other out-side influences), or for the fluids to separate with water moisture contamination.

Next you’ll need to check your tires. Most tires for our Z cars need to be around 32-35psi. With newer Z Cars that have Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS), they will likely have the dash light come on if tire pressure is low. You’ll have to fill the tire pressure to the above levels and drive around some 10 miles above 45mph to have the light reset. Also check for tire wear or tire age. Poor alignment or tire pressure can contribute to abnormal tire wear which can create an unsafe condition for travel. Additionally, look at your tire age. The DOT stamp will have a date of manufacture next to it. It is advised that tires older than 5 years need to be replaced as the rubber compound can develop a condition called Dry Rot. This condition creates 2 possible condition situations. One, the tire will develop cracks to where a blow out could occur. This is obviously dangerous. If you see any cracking on the side wall of tires, you should not drive the vehicle under any circumstance. The second condition is the tire gets extremely hard. Imagine your tires being made of plastic, like a kids Power Wheel. Okay… that’s a bit of an exaggeration. But there’s some element of truth of where the tire can be so dry and hard to where its no longer soft to grip the road. Its visually hard to see this condition, but in our state of Colorado where it’s a dry state, any tire older than 5 years will likely start to develop dry rotting. If in any doubt, replace your tires. Its better safer than sorry!

Okay, so you got your oil changed and your fluids get a pass on green health. Your tires are still good or have been replaced. What’s next? Well, even under a car cover, your ride will need a nice bath! Its time to wash it. I am sure that everyone has their own style of washing, whether you do the traditional bucket of soap and water, or you take to a hand car wash sta-tion, or you simply pay for a professional! Its recommended to stay clear of those automatic car washes. Those have been known to cause damage to cars. Those brush rollers can have dirt or debris that can scratch your paint, knock off a mirror or antenna! Also, those automatic wheel tracks can easily scratch your pretty wheels. Its just best to take care of the situation yourself.

In terms of what kind of car wash soap is advisable, just make sure the soap has strong film strength to it. The stronger the film strength, the least likely that dirt or other contaminants will scratch your paint. You can feel this with your fingers. Pour some of your soap into your fingers and slide them around. If the soap feels very slippery, almost like oil, then that’s a good choice!

It’s not recommended to use dish detergent soap such as Dawn. While this soap is good at knocking out grease or other stains, it can also burn your paint or cause clear coat rings which are very hard to get out. So maybe buy the car soap for your vehicle and don’t go crawling under the kitchen sink.

Its never a bad idea to vacuum and detail your car as well. Even if you put away your car nice and clean, a strange smell or dust could develop while sitting for so long. Take your floor mats out, give them a good cleaning. Maybe even hose them down and let them dry. Cleaning the interior can be tricky as well. You’ll want to stay away from brands that are known to have an alcohol base to their spray. Brands like Armor All can actually dry out your vinyl or leather. This can create unwanted or premature cracks in your dash, door panels, or seats! I personally recommend products by Maguire’s or Mothers.

Lastly, you may want to look for signs or evidence of mice. Remember, your car has been sitting for several months. Rodents may feel its safe to make your Z Car a new and comfy home! Do some research on your particular Z Car to see where common areas are known to have critters crawl in and make a nest. As a suggestion, look behind removable plastic panels that have foam insulation or cavities that can house a mouse family. A rodent’s nest could even be found in your engine bay’s air box. If you do find a nest, whether it contains a family of mice or an old one, you’ll want to get rid of it and thoroughly clean it. Any existing scent of a rodent will attract more.

Its recommended to clean with ammonia or vinegar as those smells could deter rodents. Another strong smell that could deter is peppermint. Many say this works. But ultimately, you’ll want to be thorough with both the searching of rodent nests and cleaning them out!

Overall, you will want to remember…

Take care of her and she’ll take care of you!

Trust me, your car will thank you many times for the ultimate care you provide!


To protect club member’s privacy, for events hosted by members, please log into zccc.org to view organizer’s contact info and Google Map.

June General Meeting – via Zoom

When: Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020 @ 7pm
Where: The convenience of your home office. See instruction for logging on below.

July General Meeting – subject to change during these difficult times, stay tuned!

When: Wednesday, July 1st, 2020 @ 7pm
Where: Overland Golf Course, 1801 S Huron Street, Denver, CO 80223 (Near Santa Fe & Evans)

June 3rd General Meeting Agenda

  • 6:20 PM: “Doors Open” Start Zoom online check-in (see How To Log-in to Zoom instruction on next page)
  • 6:20 – 7:00: Opportunity to socialize as everyone logs in
  • 7:00 – 7:10: Call meeting to order, Welcome everyone and explain meeting guidelines
  • 7:10 – 7:15: Introduce new members and guests
  • 7:15 – 7:35: Individual Board Reports
  • 7:35 – 7:45: President Report
  • 7:45 – 7:50: Old Business/New Business
  • 7:50 – 8:00: Question & Answer period
  • 8:00 – 8:10: Door Prizes
  • 8:15 PM- Adjourn
  • What you will need: Smart phone or a Computer with video capabilities. If your computer has a camera and/or mic, you will be able to be seen and hear all participants. If you are only using a land line, you will be able to hear what is said and speak when the host un-mutes you.

How To Log-in to Zoom General Meeting

Wednesday June 3rd

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are unable to meet in person for the June General meeting but we would still like to conduct our monthly meeting like we did last month These instructions can be found in the PDF version of the Odometer too.

Last month we had a great monthly meeting virtually using Zoom and will again this month. Many of us have already used Zoom for some aspect of life during this pandemic If you have not used it before, instructions are below.

We will start with a social check-in from 6:20PM-7:00PM. Then our official meeting will begin at 7:00PM. During the social check-in everyone can speak freely and nobody has to be on mute. During the meeting we will respectfully mute everyone and will monitor the chat if you have a question. We will also save time at the end for Q and A’s. 🙂


If you would like to SEE everyone, join by computer (that has a camera and a mic) or smart phone. This allows you to see and share your screen or camera. You can select “audio only” if you prefer others not seeing you. Please test your computer camera and/or microphone when you first log in.

PLEASE click directly on the link from the ZCCC Website OR Your PDF version of the Odometer or copy and paste the URL into your browser. If you do this, you will NOT be prompted for a USERNAME and PASSWORD.

  • Direct link to join the meeting: https://zoom.us/j/92727825742? pwd=LzRzQVYvUi90OVA4MElRNmcvR2ZSdz09
  • If you have never used Zoom before you will be prompted to download and install the Zoom desktop app on your smart phone or computer. Future meetings will then just open in the app automatically. You do not have to create a Zoom account unless you want to host your own meetings.
  • Using audio in a Zoom meeting requires you to have access to either a microphone through your computer or a telephone. Please be aware that the host can control participant audio in a meeting. Check the icons in the menu bar and the participants panel to determine your current audio setting. To test your computer microphone and speakers, click the up arrow to the right of the microphone icon and select Audio settings.
  • Raise Hand feature within Zoom, will let the host know you have a question. Click Raise Hand in the Webinar controls and Click lower hand to lower it. The host will open your mic to allow you to speak during the Q&A session.
  • Click the Leave Meeting option in the menu bar to exit the meeting or Click the Leave Meeting button in the dialog box.

If you don’t have a mic on your computer but would like to hear and speak to everyone, you can join by phone only. You can use any phone (including land-lines) to participate via audio only.

  • Dial this number (646) 568-7788
  • You will be asked for the Meeting ID: 972 2782 5742
  • You will be asked for the Password: 123456
  • Hints if using the phone option:
  • To mute/unmute yourself on the phone hit *6
  • To raise your hand on the phone hit *9

If you are having technical difficulties please call Tiffany at 720-334-8195 or Don at 720-477-0146.

Zoom is inclusive for all. As long as you have a phone you can join us. We hope to Z you there.

Thanks, Don Gordon

POSTPONED – Colorado Concours d’Elegance & Exotic Sports Car Show

COVID-19 Update May 6, 2020: Abilityconnectionscolorado.org/special-events/colorado-concours

As you all know from the last meeting the Concours d’ Elegance & Exotic Sports Car Show has been postponed due to Covid-19. A new venue and date are being researched at this time. We will let you know the new date and venue as soon as it is available. Here is a letter from organizers about the postponement. Roy Davis

Dear Colorado Concours d’Elegance Community Members,

We thank all of the enthusiasts who have gathered time and again to renew long-standing friendships, celebrate great cars and give so generously to provide for the community’s at-risk children and families.

After several weeks of carefully monitoring the COVID-19 situation in Colorado, including guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment, it has become clear that we cannot hold an event of this scale on June 14th as we had hoped. The Colorado Concours d’Elegance Committee and the Ability Connection Colorado (ACCO) team have decided to postpone the event.

We are currently looking at potential dates to proceed with the event in the early fall, and we will update you as more information becomes available. Again, the health and safety of our entrants, judges, show attendees, volunteers, staff, and community are our utmost priority, and we will not hold the event until we are sure we can have a fun and safe event.

CONCOURS is a CRITICAL FUNDRAISER that brings in over $100,000 each year for ACCO’s five Creative Options for Early Childhood Education Centers. These centers RELY on the goodness of the Concours community to HELP FUND VITAL SERVICES for AT-RISK CHILDREN.

DID YOU KNOW the New Coronavirus Stimulus Law will HELP KIDS and YOUR WALLET?

How? You will get a charitable tax write-off, and ACCO can keep CO centers disinfected and fully staffed with critical support teams.

To encourage Americans to donate money to charity this year, the CARES Act effectively allows taxpayers to deduct up to $300 in monetary donations on their tax return for 2020. This write-off is available to taxpayers regardless of whether they itemize their deductions or choose to take the standard deduction for 2020.

We are grateful for the support we’ve received over the years from all who have participated and attended this great event. Without you, this show would not be possible. If there is anything Ability Connection Colorado can do for you, or if you have any questions, please email Terri Armstrong at TArmstrong@AbilityConnectionColorado.org.
Stay safe and stay connected,

Tom Scott & Steve Saliman, 37th Annual Colorado Concours d’Elegance Committee Co-chairs

Judith Ham, President & CEO Ability Connection Colorado

Terri Armstrong, Development Director Ability Connection Colorado

ZCCC’s Virtual Shine-n-Show

When: Sat. June 13th, 2020
Where: ZCCC Website
Host: Andy Mortenson
Cost: Photo entries must be submitted by June 10th.

We’ve come up with an event for all of you who are bummed out because of the postponement of the Concourse d’Elegance Car Show. We’re going to have a virtual shine-n-show instead. This is how it’s going to work:

  • First, take your car out of the garage and get it all shined up and looking good.
  • Next, take a couple of nice digital photos that really show it off.
  • Then email one or two of the best pictures to Andy Mortenson at membership@zccc.org along with your name, the model and year of your car.
  • Andy will then forward them to Scott Swigger who will post them on our website. Only the model, year and an entry number will be posted.

Each member who enters their car will get one active member point. In the case of a family membership, each person under the umbrella of that membership will get a point if their car is entered. This would be a great opportunity for members who live outside the Denver Metropolitan area to show off their cars to the rest of the club without leaving home.

On Saturday, June 13th, we hope to have two or three judges from the Larry Miller Nissan stores who will choose their favorite cars in each class based on the pictures submitted. Class winners will be awarded electronic gift cards. Nissan/Datsun models other than Z cars will be judged as a separate category. All entries must be submitted by June 10th.

Z Drive: Fathers Day Weekend!

When: Sat. June 20th, 2020, 8:30 am
Where: Master Drive of West Denver, south parking lot of Bandimere Speedway
Host: Tammy Sanders
Cost: $0.00

Grab your favorite dad and the family and meet at Bandimere Speedway’s south parking lot used for the Master Drive Course. The route for today’s drive will be over the Peak to Peak Highway. You are welcome to cut off early if you would like a shorter drive, here are your options: 1) after reaching Hwy 6, head east to Golden. 2) ~6 miles from Black Hawk is Colorado 46, head east, the road will become Golden Gate Canyon Rd. and take you to Hwy 93 on the N side of Golden. 3) ~15.5 miles from Black Hawk is Colorado 72, Coal Creek Canyon Rd. This road takes you down to Hwy 93 between Golden and Boulder west of Arvada. 4) ~ 18.5 mile from Black Hawk is Colorado 119 Boulder Canyon Dr. This East bound road is in the middle of Nederland take the second exit in the round-about. You will exit Boulder canyon into the city of Boulder.

~3.5-4 hours+ – Peak to Peak Hwy

The drive is a ½ day or less with social distancing guidelines, stopping for food will not be an option. Please bring drink, snacks and radios so we can communicate. For additional info and/or to let me know you are going, please contact us. Tammy

2020 ZCCC Bike Ride

When: Sat. June 27th, 2020 at 9:30 am
Where: Denver Mattress/Furniture Row Parking Lot
Host: Andy Mortenson
Cost: $0.00

I haven’t been able to provide any details on the June bike ride because of the uncertainties surrounding the corona virus. Normally, the ride would include lunch at a restaurant to make it more sociable. Recently, I went on a ride with Patty Troxell in and around Cherry Creek State Park. We were able to maintain social distancing during the ride and having a sandwich at one of the picnic tables by the lake. I think this would work for the club ride as well. I don’t know what restaurants will be opened in June, but I don’t think I’m going to be eating in one any time soon. So the plan is for everyone to bring a snack or a sandwich for a picnic lunch instead. Also, please bring a face mask or a bandana you can use to cover your nose and mouth.

We’ll meet on Saturday, June 27th at 9:30 AM in the parking lot of the Denver Mattress/ Furniture Row store located at the intersection of Parker Road and Quincy Ave in Aurora. The lot is located on north east corner of the intersection across from the Sinclair gas station. We’ll take a ride in and around Cherry Creek State Park similar to the one I took with Patty. We’ll stop for a picnic lunch by the lake midway through the ride and then return to the parking lot. This will be an easy ride of about 18 miles in length. Please contact Andy Mortenson if you have any questions.

Vehicle Vault and Hickory House

When: Sat. July 11th, 2020, 8:00 am Vehicle Vault, 12:00 pm Hickory House
Where: Vehicle Vault – 18301 Lincoln Meadows Parkway, Parker, CO 80134
Hickory House – 10335 S. Parker Road, Parker CO 80134
Host: Bruce & Cheryl McKenney
Cost: Vehicle Vault museum tour $6 to $12 depending on discount, Lunch $$$

Come take part in the Car Club of the Month and show off your beautiful car. The Vehicle Vault is a car museum and a custom garage community. The museum/event center is housed in a unique building showcasing a fabulous collection of rare and exotic automobiles. The Vehicle Vault has invited ‘ZCCC’ to be July’s Car Club of the Month. Front row parking will be reserved to show off our vehicles. We will also plan on taking a tour of their gallery of cars at a discounted rate.

After the tour join us for lunch at the Hickory House located a short distance away. The Hickory House offers a variety of barbecue dishes and has won more than 100 awards for “Best Ribs” and “Best BBQ Sauce”.

For more information on each of these venue’s, please visit their web site:
Vehicle Vault: https://www.vehiclevaultco.com/
Hickory House: http://www.hickoryhouseribs.com/parker-map.html
Please let Bruce or Cheryl know if you plan on attending.
Thanks-Bruce and Cheryl

Z Drive and Donation to Children’s Hospital Colorado

When: Sat. July 18th, 2020, 8:30 am
Where: Furniture Row Bedroom parking
Host: Tammy Sanders
Cost: Donated New and unwrapped Toys

The 11th Annual Bad Does Good Car Show and Toy Drive has been postponed. The Corvette club is looking at and hoping to hold it in September. I don’t think we should let that stop us! Let’s take a drive to drop off the toys we have been collecting over the past 6 months and enjoy the morning out on the road exploring Boulder and Larimer counties.

Wish list details: Here is the link to Children’s Hospital Wish Lists. We will be dropping our donations at the North Campus (see page 5) .

From here we will head west to Boulder County and North to Laporte exploring the country roads for a ~2.5 hr. drive. At any time you feel you need to turn and head toward home there are lots of options by heading east to one of the following towns; Longmont, Berthoud, Loveland or Fort Collins.

Brighton to Laporte 77.4 miles.

Laporte to Boulder 64.1 miles

The drive is less then a ½ day and social distancing guidelines in place, stopping for food may not be an option. Please bring drink, snacks and radios so we can communicate. For additional info and/or to let me know you are going, please contact us. Tammy

Z Drive Southeast

When: Sat. August 15th, 2020, 8:30 am
Where: Master Drive of West Denver, south parking lot of Bandimere Speedway
Host: Tammy Sanders
Cost: $0.00

Grab your favorite co-pilot and lets go for a drive. We will be heading for a spin through Douglas and Elbert counties. For those looking for a short drive, there are not many options this time, Sedalia or I-25 at Monument. We will continue east driving the country roads making our way back up to Hwy 86 around Kiowa before turning homeward. There will be additional information in future Odometers.

Z Drive Fall Colors

When: Sat. September 26th, 2020, 8:30 am
Where: Master Drive of West Denver, south parking lot of Bandimere
Host: Tammy Sanders
Cost: $0.00

September is a time when Colorado show’s off it’s colors. We will make our way west, heading past beautiful Echo Lake, go through George Town, climb Guenella Pass and down the west side. The short drive will be to continue north when we turn west on CO 103, Squaw pass. There will be additional information in future Odometers.

Membership News & Club Info

Renewals Due…
Jun: Marc Connolly, David Fisher, Rosemary Guthrie, Brett Hufford, Robert Marlow, Alex Millward, Laurie Steenrod (your membership is up for renewal)

May: Gary Amelon, Richard Flores, John Tyler (your membership is past due)

Apr: Ron Banuelos, Mario, Jo & Vince Busnardo, Jack & Gail Epling, (your membership is 2 months past due and you will be dropped at the end of May)

Welcome to New Members and welcome back to returning members:

No new members during the month of May

Membership Information
Memberships – 83
Members – 111

Happy Birthday to You

(6/1) John Student
(6/3) Don Gordon
(6/3) Phyl Taylor
(6/6) Marcio Forleo
(6/7) Lauri Steenrod
(6/8) Ed McHugh
(6/10) William McClatchey
(6/11) Albert Powell
(6/25) Dave Sandbach
(6/26) Chris Romano
(6/30) Vince Busnardo
(6/30) Lois Eaton

Member Dues
Dues: Single Membership $35, Family $45. To receive the Odometer via postal mail add $10 annually.

ZCCM Magazine

ZCCM Subscribers, if you have not already picked up your issue of the ZCCM please see Jason Spegal to pick up your copy at the next meeting.

If you would like to join to receive this amazing magazine at the greatly reduced cost of $13.50, payment can be with check or cash to Jason. Checks are preferred.  Please make out checks to “Z Car Club of Colorado”.
Thanks, Jason Segal

Moving or Have Moved
Don’t forget to update your address, phone numbers and email in the Edit My Profile under your name in the upper right corner.

No Referrals in May
What are they and how do I get them? Refer someone to join the club, and when they do, you get $5.00 Z bucks to use toward membership or apparel.


Meeting Minutes for May 6th via Zoom

The Meeting was called to order at 7:07 pm
Secretary Report: Cheryl McKenney
Approval of minutes from the March meeting were done at the April board meeting
Vice President Report: Travis Scott
Past events:
April 18th Virtual Happy Hour
Upcoming events:
May 10th—Mother’s Day Drive (Non-sanctioned event)
May 16th—Drive and food Donation for FISH
June 14th—Concourse d’Elegance POSTPONED
June 27th—Bike Ride
July 11th—Vehicle Vault and Lunch
Sept 19th—Mississippi Avenue Baptist Church Car Show
Sept 14-19—2020 ZCON in Nashville, TN
Future Events—dates to be determined
Progressive Dinner
Treasurer’s Report: Bill Lohringel
Pay Pal has waived fees and the Club received a $23 credit
Membership: Andy Mortenson
We currently have 83 memberships, 111 members including returning member Paul Reynolds
Public Relations: Nate Derman
Nothing to report at this time
Interclub: Alex Millward
ZCON is still set for September but may be pushed back a year
Odometer: Tammy Sanders
If you have any pictures for the Odometer, please send them to Tammy. Submissions to the Odometer are due by the 20th of the month.
President: Don Gordon
Birthday greetings to the members with May birthdays. Thank you to Kathy Minister for taking attendance and Gail Mund for our raffle. Per the Constitution the Club Officer duties have been posted in the Odometer. The current Board will be staying in their current positions, if you would like to run for a position, please let the President or Vice President know. Elections will be held in September. The Board has decided to award one point to all of the members for the April meeting. The points needed to receive active member status will not be adjusted at this time. Tammy Sanders is working on the details of the Annual Banquet and Travis is working on the Active member gift. The June meeting will also be a virtual meeting with details in the Odometer.
Guest Speaker:
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Looking for 300zx 90′ to 95′
Hi, I have been looking for a 300zx standard or Twin Turbo Years 1990 to 1995. Colors Red, Silver, Gray, Black or may be what I can find. Can go out of state to find if needed, does anyone have a lead? Joined the club, but a car would help…..zoom, zoom. Chris 720 935 1609 or email furydesign@hotmail.com

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The early Datsun Fairlady is an odd beginning for a sports car legacy

by Brendan McAleer, October 14, 2019 https://www.hagerty.com/media/car-profiles/early-datsun-fairlady-sports-car-legacy/

The profile resembles an Austin-Healey and the taillights say “Made in England,” but this is no British roadster. For one thing, I have no doubt it will start. Even after sitting for weeks, this tiny car fires right up, settling into the cheerful put-put of a small-displacement fourcylinder engine. It’s an early Datsun Fairlady—simple, charming, and incredibly rare. Whether it’s the Z, the 510, or even the Skyline GT-R, every performance vehicle produced by Nissan can be traced back to this car.

Faint heart never won fair lady, as the saying goes, and the first Fairlady is one of the pluckiest vehicles ever made. It was also a complete commercial failure.

Tucked in a garage in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, this 1962 Datsun Fairlady SPL213 is one of only a handful of survivors remaining. It was discovered in badly rotted condition and then restored over two years by Mitch Jensen, who has been fixing up Datsun Roadsters since he bought his first one at 17 years old. His workbench is covered in Fairlady trinkets and trophies, and there are two second-generation Fairladys in his garage: a last-of-breed 1970 model and a hot-rodded example with a crate Nissan SR20 engine tucked under the hood.

Of the motor in the SPL213, Jensen says, “I never rebuilt it, that’s 91,000 original miles. All I did was paint it.”

Brendan McAleer Standing in front of the toy-like car, it’s a little hard to believe that such a delicate machine is the grandfather of the 240Z. It looks like it should have a giant windup key sticking out of the trunk, with Mickey and Minnie at the wheel. The SPL213 is from the early 1960s, but the styling is a decade out of date. How can it be that a scant six years after this cartoonish convertible left the factory, Pete Brock and his BRE racing Datsuns were giving Carroll Shelby and the Toyota 2000GT hell in SCCA racing?

Slotting the four-speed gearbox into its non-synchro first, I apply a little throttle, and the first Fairlady toddles off down a country lane. The simple torsion-bar front suspension and bias-ply tires don’t communicate even a whisper of the performance from later Nissan sports cars, and the 60 hp available from the 1200-cc engine feels modest at best. Chugging up hills takes patience.

While it might not feel thrilling, the early Fairlady is represents a pivotal moment in Nissan’s history. Built only in left-hand drive for the U.S. market, the first generation of the Datsun Fairlady was the Japanese automaker’s way of planting a flag in America. It as an act of corporate bravery, declaring that the fledgling company was worthy of producing more than just tiny trucks for Japanese landscaping services.

Brendan McAleer Let’s take a closer look at those Lucas taillights—a clue to Datsun’s post-war story. In the period immediately after World War II, personal car ownership in Japan was uncommon. Most domestic automakers built only trucks and other industrial vehicles. In 1950, only 2 percent of total vehicle production consisted of passenger cars, but demand was growing. The solution to capture that growing market, for many Japanese automakers, was to collaborate with a European manufacturer. Nissan, after considering MG, inked a deal with Austin. The partnership was officially formed in 1952, and between 1952 and 1959, Nissan built some 20,883 Austins under license. Founding a car company based on the ideals of the British Motoring Industry is a bit like opening a gourmet restaurant that only serves boiled beef and Spotted Dick. However, Nissan simply took English engineering and built it to a set of tighter tolerances. The cars weren’t any sportier to drive, but they were much more reliable. When the first Datsuns began arriving in America, these faithful small trucks with Austin underpinnings became quite popular.

But Datsun didn’t just want to build work tools. In order to tempt their local market into personal car ownership, as well as improve their image in the U.S. market, a sports car was necessary. Yutaka Katayama, the beloved Mr. K, believed that customers might walk into a showroom to look at a sports car and drive out in something more practical. The rest of Nissan’s leadership was a little cooler on the sports car strategy. Thenpresident of Nissan, Katsuji Kawamata, did however believe that he’d need to build something ambitious for the world to take his company more seriously. While visiting the U.S., he was particularly taken with the musical My Fair Lady, and so the little Datsun was christened.

The early Fairladies were built on the chassis of the 210 sedan, used the 998-cc powertrain of the 310 Bluebird, and wore a fiberglass body (likely influenced by the Corvette). The engine produced a feeble 34 hp, but these early right-hand drive models attracted public attention in Japan—and that was the objective. Still, Nissan only managed to build 20 of them for 1959.

More important were the 1960 SPL212 and 1961-62 SPL213 export models that followed, which changed to steel bodies in part to allow for greater production volume. These cars were all made left-hand drive for the U.S. market, a statement of Nissan’s confidence in the necessity of broaching foreign markets.

Perhaps only a mild statement of confidence, though. Just 228 Fairladys were built in the initial production SPL212 run, and only 217 of the later, more powerful SPL213 model. This 1962 Fairlady is one of only 52 made that year. Meanwhile, Japan was exporting tens of thousands of cars to America, making this quirky little roadster just a drop in the ocean.

No one really wanted a weird, underpowered roadster from Japan. Despite a bump to 8.2:1 compression ratio and a dual carburetor setup for the SPL213, the little Datsun’s four-cylinder only made 60 hp. It didn’t help, either, that the car drove like the truckish Austin sedans it was based on. People were not giving the Datsun SPL213 a single thought as they tooled around happily in their MGBs.

Still, the first Fairlady led the way for Datsun’s second sports car. In 1963, the second Fairlady roadster arrived on U.S. roads. Being that it was a much more polished product, it was also much better received. Soon, Datsun enthusiasts were buying racing-prep guides from the likes of Bob Sharp, or cheering as the red, white, and blue BRE Roadsters led the field.

Today, Jensen uses his SPL213 for annual parade duties and occasionally drives it out for meets and car shows. “I drive all my cars,” he says, “That’s kind of the point, isn’t it? Besides, these cars really don’t like to sit.”

Beautiful in its own way, and obviously well cared for, this important piece of Datsun/ Nissan heritage still drives with grace. Even though most who see it don’t understand its importance, the fresh air of the open road is a far better fate than being tucked away in some museum. Such a Fairlady should never be kept in a gilded cage.

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