2020 July Odometer

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July Odometer Contents


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this newsletter are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Z Car Club of Colorado or the Odometer editor.

ZCCC Members,
ZCCC is committed to the health and safety of our members, visitors and guests. We are closely monitoring advisories from the State of Colorado and various health sources regarding the COVID-19 threat. This directive was approved by the ZCCC Board of Directors and is being communicated to all of our members.

The July monthly meeting will be held via ZOOM

The following ZCCC events are happening with social distancing guidelines in place and wearing of face masks. The Board will reassess regarding August’s events and will advise accordingly. Members are asked to check the ZCCC Website Event listing and Facebook for current updates regarding Events in July and August.

Board meetings for July will be via conferencing. If you wish to participate, please contact President Don Gordon.

We recommend the following precautions be observed by all club members, whether in public places or while traveling as a club or your daily routes:

  1. Minimize human contact (no hand shaking); try to remain at least 6 feet away from other people.
  2. Wash hands for a minimum of 20 seconds with soap and hot water, or use a sanitizer gel.
  3. If you don’t have a tissue, use your sleeve to cough.
  4. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.
  5. Use knuckles or elbows to push elevator buttons or open doors when possible.
  6. REMAIN AT HOME and/or self-quarantine if your health is compromised, if you’ve recently traveled internationally or by air, or if you’re simply not feeling well.

As we receive more information on the progress of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), we will revise these measures and issue a notice to ZCCC members via the Odometer, Website and FaceBook.

Wow, what an easy way to earn an Active Member point. That was the Virtual Shine-N-Show hosted by Andy Mortenson. Just send in one or two photos of your car and you got a point. It took a big effort from many to make this event a success. Scott Swiger had to display each entry on our website. Tiffany Gordon created an impressive slide show of all the cars and showed the winners, she orchestrated the Zoom meeting where winners were announced and she sent out the AutoZone e-gift cards to the winners. Then the Service Directors from our Sponsor Larry H Miller Nissan, Jodie Cordova, Chris Doerschlag, and Nick Yaw, enthusiastically participated in the car judging. Being a virtual show, we had entries from members who we don’t usually see and we even got a new member to join. Well done, Andy!

Thank you to Cheryle Derman, Judy Gordon and Tiffany Gordon for volunteering to be on the Nominating Committee for club officers. In addition to Gail Mund wanting to be the club’s next Vice President, they will announce those members wanting to be on the Board at the July 1st General Meeting. So contact one of them and let them know what position you are interested in.

The July 1st General Meeting will be via Zoom. Once again, if you are new to or uncomfortable using Zoom, please reach out to me prior to the meeting and I’ll do a one-on-one session with you. Your Board will continue to review options that will eventually allow us to start meeting in person again. Overland Golf course, however, is thinking we may not be able to have a group our size again until at least September.

I can’t believe how innovative our members have been keeping our events alive. We have many physical drives planned, a bike ride, a car museum tour, and if you’re dying to learn how to make homemade tortillas, Tiffany Gordon will be doing a virtual cooking class on the 4th of July. A lot of FUN is planned.

Lastly, as I know how serious it can be, I was so alarmed to hear that Roy Davis had a massive heart attack. After almost a week in Intensive Care and lots of precision treatment by his doctors and love from his wife Stormi, Roy was sent to a regular room and then was released. Roy, we are wishing you a very quick recovery and can’t wait to see you back on the road again!

Don Gordon, President

Our sincerest well wishes for a speedy recovery, ZCCC Club Members

Nissan – Aiming for the Path of Recovery – Nissan Next
Article by Alex Millward

Within the Nissan community, its common knowledge that the previous Chairman of Nissan Motor Co., Carlos Ghosn (charged with financial misconduct), did not put Nissan in a great position. As whole, Nissan is struggling on many fronts. There haven’t been any exciting new model releases – R35 GTR (debuted in 2008) and the Nissan Frontier (which the current model is based on the 2005 design – not much has changed). Its been a stalemate for Nissan for many years as there have been many restructuring ideas or developments internally at Nissan Motor Company.

Nissan’s chief operating office, Ashwani Gupta said that Nissan will be shifting away from Ghosn’s past “expansionist policy” and will be focused more on product development, delivery, and innovation – what Nissan is known for. The Nissan Next movement is part of this statement. Nissan has been preparing to release some exciting new models along with some changes on their line-up!

The current global situation of the COVID19 pandemic is not making life easy for anyone or any business, world-wide! Gupta’s determined stance with wanting to continue to repair and grow Nissan’s situation has stated that he is amid to continue the Nissan product development despite what is happening with the infectious virus. He is determined to show that Nissan is a strong company and that their path is clear and strong.

In my opinion, we can all hope for the best with Nissan and you better believe it that the Nissan Motor Company will pull through, they always have! Remember those bailouts in the 2008 among many auto manufactures? Well, Nissan USA was not part of that. They survived that economic down-turn and no doubt they will do it again. While its frustrating to see that the R35 GTR, the 370z, and the Nissan Frontier is the current selection of the models (some 12-15 year old stretch), we’d all like new models to keep that production selection fresh. Be patient! Nissan will pull through and produce some amazing new vehicles for us all to be very excited about, I know I am!


To protect club member’s privacy, for events hosted by members, please log into zccc.org to view organizer’s contact info and Google Map.

July General Meeting – via Zoom

When: Wednesday, July 1st, 2020 @ 7pm
Where: The convenience of your home office. See instruction for logging on below.

August General Meeting – subject to change during these difficult times, stay tuned!

When: Wednesday, August 5th, 2020 @ 7pm
Where: Overland Golf Course, 1801 S Huron Street, Denver, CO 80223 (Near Santa Fe & Evans)

July 1st General Meeting Agenda

  • 6:30 PM: “Doors Open” Start Zoom online check-in (see How To Log-in to Zoom instruction on next page)
  • 6:30 – 7:00: Opportunity to socialize as everyone logs in
  • 7:00 – 7:10: Call meeting to order, Welcome everyone and explain meeting guidelines
  • 7:10 – 7:15: Introduce new members and guests
  • 7:15 – 7:35: Individual Board Reports
  • 7:35 – 7:45: President Report
  • 7:45 – 7:50: Old Business/New Business
  • 7:50 – 8:00: Question & Answer period
  • 8:00 – 8:10: Door Prizes
  • 8:15 PM- Adjourn
  • What you will need: Smart phone or a Computer with video capabilities. If your computer has a camera and/or mic, you will be able to be seen and hear all participants. If you are only using a land line, you will be able to hear what is said and speak when the host un-mutes you.

How To Log-in to Zoom General Meeting

Wednesday July 1st

Live far away? Not usually able to make our Monthly General meetings? Want to maintain social distance while still socializing with the great members of our club? Here’s your chance!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are unable to meet in person for the July General meeting but we would still like to conduct our monthly meeting like we did last month.

Many of us have already used Zoom for some aspect of life during this pandemic If you have not used it before, instructions are below.

We will start with a social check-in from 6:30 PM-7:00pm. Then our official meeting will begin at 7:00 pm. During the social check-in everyone can speak freely and nobody has to be on mute. During the meeting we will respectfully mute everyone and will monitor the chat if you have a question. We will also save time at the end for Q and A’s. 🙂


If you would like to SEE everyone, join by computer (that has a camera and a mic) or smart phone. This allows you to see and share your screen or camera. You can select “audio only” if you prefer others not seeing you. Please test your computer camera and/or microphone when you first log in.


  • Direct link to join the meeting: https://zoom.us/j/93374136158?pwd=SG5LSkFkald2VHVaRElMK05zN0pVdz09
  • • If you have never used Zoom before you will be prompted to download and run the Zoom app on your smart phone or computer. Future meetings will then just open in the app automatically. You do not have to create a Zoom account un-less you want to host your own meetings.

If you don’t have a camera but would like to hear and speak to everyone, you can join by phone. You can use any phone (including land-lines) to participate via audio only. Dial this number (646) 568-7788

  • You will be asked for the Meeting ID: 933 7413 6158
  • You will be asked for the Password: 123456

Hints if using the phone option:

  • To mute/unmute yourself on the phone hit *6
  • To raise your hand on the phone hit *9

If you are having technical difficulties please call Tiffany at 720-334-8195 or Don at 720-477-0146.

Zoom is inclusive for all. As long as you have a phone you can join us. We hope to Z you there.

Thanks, Don Gordon

Z-licious Tortillas on Zoom

When: Sat. July 4, 2020, 2:00-3:00 pm
Where: Zoom
Host: Tiffany Gordon
Cost: Ingredients and Materials

Sad that you’re missing fireworks this year? Want something else fun to do while keeping your Z safe and sound in the garage? Come make tortillas with me live on Zoom using the information below. This is not like the Food Network where you just watch…no no. Roll up your sleeves, find your favorite apron (red, white and blue themed if you want), and throw some flour around with me. I will stop and give you plenty of time to ask questions and make these at your own pace. When you cross the finish line, you will be able to enjoy delicious homemade tortillas. Please start signing in to Zoom at 1:45 so we can start cooking at 2.

Items you will need: 3 cups of all-purpose flour, 2 tsps. baking powder (make sure the date is good), 1 tsp salt, 1/3 cup of Crisco or lard, 1 cup of hot water, a large bowl, a stand mixer (OPTIONAL), wax or parchment paper, aluminum foil, a dish towel, a non-stick skillet or griddle, and a rolling pin.

The phone call option will not be provided for this event since you need to be able to watch and do show and tell. If you have a computer with a camera and mic or a smart phone/tablet, you are ready for tortillaZ!

Zoom Link: https://zoom.us/j/94245355902?pwd=dzdxUWVHTThqWFNuUWtXd2VMTlZpdz09
Meeting ID: 942 4535 5902
Password: 123456

Vehicle Vault and Hickory House

When: Sat. July 11th, 2020, 8:00 am Vehicle Vault
Where: Vehicle Vault – 18301 Lincoln Meadows Parkway, Parker, CO 80134
Host: Bruce & Cheryl McKenney
Cost: Vehicle Vault museum tour $8.00-$10.00 pp

Come take part in the Car Club of the Month and show off your beautiful car. The Vehicle Vault is a car museum and a custom garage community. The museum/event center is housed in a unique building showcasing a fabulous collection of rare and exotic automobiles. The Vehicle Vault has invited ‘ZCCC’ to be July’s Car Club of the Month. Front row parking will be reserved to show off our vehicles. We will also plan on taking a tour of their gallery of cars at a discounted rate.

If you are planning on attending the event please send your reply with the number of attendees to Bruce or Cheryl

As with events at this time if anything changes we will let you know.
Vehicle Vault: https://www.vehiclevaultco.com/
Thanks-Bruce and Cheryl

Z Drive and Donation to Children’s Hospital Colorado

When: Sat. July 18th, 2020, 8:30 am
Where: Furniture Row Bedroom parking
Host: Tammy Sanders
Cost: Donated New and unwrapped Toys

The 11th Annual Bad Does Good Car Show and Toy Drive has been postponed. The Corvette club is looking at and hoping to hold it in September. I don’t think we should let that stop us! Let’s take a drive to drop off the toys we have been collecting over the past 6 months and enjoy the morning out on the road exploring Boulder and Larimer counties.

Wish list details: Here is the link to Children’s Hospital Wish Lists if you are picking up some last minuet toys. We will be dropping our donations at the North Campus (see page 5) .

From here we will head west to Boulder County and North to Laporte exploring the country roads for a ~2.5 hr. drive. At any time you feel you need to turn and head toward home there are lots of options by heading east to one of the following towns; Longmont, Berthoud, Loveland or Fort Collins.

Brighton to Laporte 77.4 miles.

Laporte to Boulder 64.1 miles

The drive is less then a ½ day and social distancing guidelines in place, stopping for food may not be an option.  Bathroom breaks will be impromptu when we find them.  Please bring drink, snacks and radios so we can communicate. For additional info and/or to let me know you are going, please contact us.   Tammy.

Sēb’s Recreation Center 2nd Annual Car Show

When: Sat. July 18th, 2020, 11 am-10 pm
Where: SEB’S Recreation Center (1710 S. Buckley Rd, #9, Aurora CO 80017)
Host: Jim Revesz
Cost: Free with food and beverages available for purchase

Sēb’s Recreation Center is a unique facility that strives to provide a safe, comfortable environment for the physically challenged to work out, attend classes, engage in informational seminars, relax and have fun with their families, caregivers and other participants. https://sebsrec.org/

Check out SEB’s flyer on their website for more details. Other activities will include a live auction, live music and more. Donations are accepted and very much appreciated. Vendors can also rent a booth for the entire day.

Summer Fun Scavenger Hunt and Rally!

When: Sat. July 25th, 2020, 8:00 am (3-4 hrs.)
Where: 18th and Little Raven’s Street Commons Park, Denver CO
Host: Alex Millward
Cost: $0.00

We will start our Scavenger Hunt at Commons Park, located north of Elitch Gardens, north of Speer Blvd and north of Confluence Park. Here at 18th and Little Raven’s Street you will receive a piece of paper with our first location. We will caravan to that location were you will explore and find all of the items using the 5-7 clues, solving riddles and pictures for 25 min. At the end of the elapsed time you will hand in your sheet and we will continue to our next location were we will repeat looking for new items with a new list of clues provided. After the 3rd location, points will be added up and announce the winner (s).

Social Distancing Guidelines will be respected and practiced during the entirety of the event! Please bring your mask you will need to be wearing it when we are around each other and to go in to establishments for food and bathroom breaks at every location.

Bring your Z car to the various designated areas to Park, Explore and have Fun.

Z Drive Southeast

When: Sat. August 15th, 2020, 8:30 am
Where: Tipsy’s Liquor World, (5869 S. Alkire Street, Littleton, CO 80127)
Host: Tammy Sanders
Cost: $0.00

Grab your favorite co-pilot and lets go for a drive. We will be heading for a spin through Douglas and Elbert counties. For those looking for a short drive, there are not many options this time, Sedalia or I-25 at Monument. We will continue east driving the country roads making our way back up to Hwy 86 before turning homeward. There will be additional information in next months Odometer.

Virtual Z Car Show Bingo Party!

When: Sat. August 22nd, 2020, 10 am to 12 pm
Where: Zoom with your car
Host: Alex Millward
Cost: $2.00 per card with 1/2 proceeds going to the club

Deadline: Register by 7 pm August 19th send email to Alex

What does a good classic game of BINGO have to do with a virtual Z Car Show?   Pull out the Z-car, pull up the Z-chairs next to the car, grab a cool beverage and your laptop or smartphone and let’s sit around and have an old fashioned game of BINGO while we  admire all of the beautiful cars being represented.

Log into the Zoom meeting at 10:00 am, and the BINGO dice will roll at 10:15.  

If you are unable to position yourself in front of your Z Car (quite alright) submit a recent photo of your Z car so we all know which car you are representing! 

Z Drive Fall Colors

When: Sat. September 26th, 2020, 8:30 am
Where: East Tin Cup Market, (17881 W. Colfax Ave, Golden, CO 80401)
Host: Tammy Sanders
Cost: $0.00

September is a time when Colorado show’s off its colors. We will make our way west, heading past beautiful Echo Lake, go through George Town, climb Guenella Pass and down the west side. The short drive will be to continue north when we turn west on CO 103, Squaw pass. There will be additional information in future Odometers.

June Event Wrap Up

Check out the PDF version of the Odometer for all the details on How Much Fun ZCCC members had. A BIG THANK YOU  to:

  • Nate Derman
  • Judy Genoff
  • Alex Millward
  • Andy Mortenson
  • Steve Robertson
  • Tammy Sanders

for June’s Event photos. You have know idea how much it is appreciated.

Membership News & Club Info

Renewals Due…
Jul: Michael Drury, Fred & Kathleen Minister, James Revesz, Ira & Tammy Sanders, Travis Scott (your membership is up for renewal)

Jun: Walt Caron, David Fisher, Robert Marlow, Alex Millward (your membership is past due)

May: Gary Amelon, Richard Flores, John Tyler (your membership is 2 months past due and you will be dropped at the end of July)

Welcome to New Members and welcome back to returning members:

Ronald Pinard, Castle Pines, 2016 370Z;
John Marosy, Littleton, 2010 370Z;
Robert Hofer & Tammy Horn, Parker, 2016 370Z;
Paul McDonald, Brighton, 1975 280Z 2+2
Ace King, Arvada, 1971 240Z (Former member circa 2015)
Elliot Sandberg, Englewood; 1983 280ZX (Former member circa 2017)

Membership Information
Memberships – 87
Members – 116

Happy Birthday to You

(7/5) Steve Eaton
(7/7) William Lohringel
(7/10) Matthew McDole
(7/14) Judy Gordon
(7/14) Karen Peterson
(7/19) Ace King
(7/20) John Mavis

Member Dues
Dues: Single Membership $35, Family $45. To receive the Odometer via postal mail add $10 annually.

ZCCM Magazine

ZCCM Subscribers, the latest issue of the ZCCM has arrived.  Due to the ongoing circumstances the issue will be mailed to your address on file, and I will be reaching out to you over the next few weeks to confirm your address before mailing.  For those who are not subscribers, if you would like to join to receive this amazing magazine the cost is $13.50.  Payment can be with check or cash.  Checks are preferred.  Please make out checks to “Z Car Club of Colorado”.  For any questions or interest please reach out to Jason Spegal. Thanks,

Moving or Have Moved
Don’t forget to update your address, phone numbers and email in the Edit My Profile under your name in the upper right corner.

No Referrals in May
What are they and how do I get them? Refer someone to join the club, and when they do, you get $5.00 Z bucks to use toward membership or apparel.


Meeting Minutes for June 3rd via Zoom

The meeting was called to order at 7:02 pm
Secretary Report: Cheryl McKenney
Minutes from May were motioned, seconded and approved
Vice President Report: Travis Scott
Past events:
May 10th—Mother’s Day Drive (Non-sanctioned event)
May 16th—Drive and Food Donation for FISH
Upcoming events:
June 13th—Virtual Shine and Show
June 14th—Concourse d-Elegance POSTPONED
June 20th—Father’s Day Drive
June 27th—Bike Ride
July 11th—Vehicle Vault and Lunch
July 18th—Z Drive and Donations for Children’s Hospital
August 15th—Z Drive Southeast
August 29th—BBQ at Derman’s
Sept 19th—Mississippi Avenue Baptist Church Car Show
Sept 14-19—2020 ZCON in Nashville, TN – Non-Sanctioned
Sept 26th—Z Drive Fall Colors
Treasurer’s Report: Bill Lohringel
Not present at the meeting with no report
Membership: Andy Mortenson
We currently have 83 memberships, 111 members
Public Relations: Nate Derman
Nothing to report at this time
Interclub: Alex Millward
ZCON is still set for September but may be pushed back a year. The Board approved the funds to make the video for the bid for ZCON to be held in Denver. Dues for ZCCA have been paid.
Odometer: Tammy Sanders
If you have any pictures for the Odometer, please send them to Tammy. Submissions to the Odometer are due by the 20th of the month.
President: Don Gordon
Birthday greetings to the members with June birthdays. Travis Scott will not be seeking re-election as Vice President. Gail Mund will be running for the position. A nomination committee consisting of Cheryle Derman, Judy Gordon and Tiffany Gordon has been appointed. If anyone is interested in running please contact the nomination committee. The slate of officers running will be presented at the next meeting. Alex Millward will be taking over the duties of the raffle. Tammy Sanders is working on the details of the Annual Banquet which will be at no cost for active members and Travis Scott is working on the active member gift. The July meeting will be a virtual meeting with details in the Odometer. Meetings may return to Overland Golf Course in September. Thank you to Patty Troxell for help with the Constitutional issues. Tiffany Gordon has changed the Facebook setting to allow for better response time.
Guest Speaker: None. Old Business: None. New Business: None.
No 50/50 raffle was held this month, but a simple drawing of names for gift cards.
Meeting adjourned at 8:12 pm.


Odometer Ad Submission Info

None this month

A Note from your Public Relations:
Check out Larry H. Miller’s great discount in the PDF version of the Odometer.


Z Business Directory:

The following is a list of businesses that offer discounts on goods and services to ZCCC members. Please visit the business directory under Membership Directory for all of the details on the company’s and the discounts being offered. You must present your ZCCC membership card before discounts and services are provided. Please tell them “Thanks for being a ZCCC supporter”. Nate Derman—Public Relations

  • Abra Auto Glass – All Colorado locations
  • Alloy Wheel Repair Pro – Colorado Springs
  • Banzai Motorworks – Marlboro, MD
  • Big O Tires (2 locations only) – Greenwood Village and Parker
  • Boulder Nissan – Boulder
  • Brakes Plus – Thornton (only)
  • Bright Light – Denver Metro
  • BumperDoc – Colorado Springs
  • Car Toys – Aurora
  • Chucks Discount – Denver
  • Courtesy Nissan – Richardson, TX
  • Custom Coating – Berthoud
  • Dent Clinic – Lakewood
  • Discount Tire – Boulder, Arvada and Aurora
  • Elevated Audio – Lakewood
  • Elite Auto Glass
  • Elite Hail Systems – Englewood
  • Empire Nissan – Lakewood and Littleton
  • Euro Wraps – Englewood
  • Flitz USA – Castle Rock
  • Gary’s Full Service Auto Repair – Aurora
  • Global Collision – Aurora
  • Greenwood Automotive – Greenwood Village
  • IDS – Littleton
  • Jazz Car Wash & Detailing – Littleton
  • John’s Sunroofs & Window Tinting – Englewood
  • Larry H. Miller Jeep – Aurora
  • Larry H. Miller Nissan – Highlands Ranch, Centennial and Denver
  • The Man Cave – Westminster
  • Mike Ward Infiniti – Highlands Ranch
  • Motorsport Auto – Orange, CA
  • O’Reillys – Nationally
  • Prima Care – Denver
  • Ralph’s Specialty Shop – Arvada
  • South Colorado Springs Nissan – Colorado Springs
  • Valley Nissan – Longmont
  • WAWD – Denver
  • Woodmen Nissan – Colorado Springs
  • Z Car Depot – Springfield, MO
  • Z Car Source – Phoenix, AZ

Download Odometer as PDF