2019 November Odometer

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November Odometer Contents


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this newsletter are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Z Car Club of Colorado or the Odometer editor.

Gordon’s News In A Flash

I have been a ZCCC member since 2010 and I am honored to be your club President.

Our new Board is nearly in place, but we still need to fill a few positions. With input from our members at the November General Meeting (November 6th) we will elect our new Vice President and name our new Inter-Club Liaison. Please attend this meeting, as your vote is very important. Travis Scott and Gail Mund are running for the VP position. Alex Millward will be named Inter-Club Liaison.

For Appointed Positions, Jason Spegal will be taking over the ZCCM Magazine Subscription and Kathy Minister will continue to be our Welcoming Host. We still have openings for Name Badges and the 50/50 Drawing.

Last month we had a great Annual Banquet at Cinzzetti’s, hosted by Tammy Sanders. Members received their Active Member Gifts and four members were recognized for going the extra mile. Congratulations to Ira Sanders as he won the Most Active Member gift.

If you missed the October Autocross event, you missed a FUN TIME. Thanks to Travis for hosting this event and to all our members who helped out. We had a lot of potential new members in attendance. Hopefully we will have more of these!

Scott Swiger (our Webmaster) just added a link to our website so you can easily find the latest version of our Constitution. Just Login under MEMBERS and click on ZCCC CONSTITUTION.

Even though cooler weather is approaching, we still have a tour of the Gaylord RockiesResort in November and the annual Derman Holiday Party in December. More fun times ahead!!

Don Gordon, President

Bright Lights

Our new member, Jim Revesz , has a very special business called Bright Lights. I found out about his business while at the ZCCC Spartan College Car show in August. I noticed that the headlights on my 350Z were not as clear and shiny as the 350Z parked next to mine.

Then came Jim to the rescue. He said he has a business where that’s what he does… clean and shine dulled and clouded headlights. He said he could make mine POP.

The good thing is you can bring your vehicle to his place or he can come to your home or business. He just needs a place to plug in his equipment.

What’s his technique? Wet sanding and using very good cleaners and polishes.

Jim couldn’t be friendlier. The entire process takes about an hour. And he will be offering ZCCC Members a very attractive discount.

Maybe our new Public Relations Director, Nate Derman, will be interested in speaking with Jim about making Bright Lights an official business on our ZCCC Business Directory.

In the meantime, say hi to Jim at one of our meetings or check out his business card elsewhere in the Odometer.

Don Gordon

Constitution Proposal

PDF of 2019 ZCCC Constitution

Proposed amendment to the Constitution & By-laws of the Z Car Club of Colorado:

Section I – Definition
Sanctioned Event: An event organized or hosted by a ZCCC member(s) that meets the following criteria. Points will only be awarded for sanctioned events.

  1. All sanctioned events must be posted in the Odometer for a minimum of one issue for at least 15 days prior to the event
    Proposed: All sanctioned events must be posted in at least one two or more of the following approved ZCCC platforms for a minimum of 15 days
    I. The Odometer
    II. The Website (www.zccc.org)
    III. Z Car Club of Colorado Facebook page or Z Car club of Colorado Members Facebook group
  2. Notification via the Website/mailpoet or FaceBook may be disseminated by the Vice-President but may not be used instead of the required posting in the Odometer
    Proposed: The Vice President will ensure the date is available on the ZCCC Calendar. More than one event may be scheduled on the same day as long as the times do not overlap or the events do not involve similar activities.
  3. The date must be available on the ZCCC Calendar as determined by the Vice-President. The Vice-President is responsible for posting events to the website and notifying the Odometer Editor of the events
    Proposed: The event description must be sent to the Vice President electronically and must include the fol-lowing:
    I. When
    II. Where
    III. What
    IV. Host or Organizer
    V. Cost if any
    VI. Itinerary
  4. More than one event may be scheduled on the same day as long as the times do not conflict or the events do not involve similar activities
    Proposed: Once the electronic event description is received and approved by the Vice President, the Vice President will send the electronic event description to all the following:
    The Odometer Editor to be published in the Odometer
    The Webmaster to be added to the ZCCC Website
    The Social Media Director for the Z Car Club of Colorado Facebook page and group

The following will be stricken: 5. The event may be disseminated through the ZCCC FaceBook page by the FaceBook Master provided the Vice-President has provided approval for the posting. A posting on FaceBook may not be used instead of a posting in the Odometer

The following will be stricken: 6. The following information must be provided in the posting;
I. When
II. Where
III. What
IV. Host or Organizer
V. Cost if any
VI. Itinerary

Non-Sanctioned Event:
An event organized or hosted by a ZCCC member(s) that does not meet the criteria for a Sanctioned Event. Points will not be awarded for non-sanctioned events.

Proposed: An event organized or hosted by a ZCCC member(s) that does not meet the criteria of a Sanctioned Event. If the event is posted in the Odometer, or on the ZCCC Website or on the Z Car Club of Colorado Facebook page, it must be designated as a Non-Sanctioned event. Points will not be awarded for Non-Sanctioned events.

Constitution Committee Statements

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this section are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Z Car Club of Colorado or the Odometer editor.

Member: Don Gordon

Here is the reason I believe the amendment should be made…
As members have stated that it sometimes takes too long for an event to be posted, I’d like to try to shorten this requirement.

Currently the normal cutoff to the Odometer is the 20th if the month. Then the event has to be posted for 15 days. At a minimum, that is 25 days. If a member misses the cutoff, that would add another month to the lead time for an event.

We can use our Z Website and Social Media to inform members about events in addition to the club’s newsletter.

Andy Mortenson stated that having an event posted in at least two places would be OK. I agree.

In most cases, if it misses print time for the Odometer, it will still be talked about at our monthly meetings. Don Gordon

Constitution Committee Member: Andy Mortenson

Here is the reason we require 15 days notice:

The club used to require 30 days notice. The reason this much advanced notice was required in the first place, was so members would have time to plan their attendance and participation. An extreme case would have been one in which an event could be scheduled so it falls the day after the Odometer comes out.

As far as Don’s proposed wording for Article III, Item 1. I’d be O.K. if it read “All sanctioned events must be posted in at least two of the following approved ZCCC platforms for at minimum 15 days”. That way if Facebook is used, than it would have to be posted on the website or the Odometer as well.

Constitution Committee Member: Ira Sanders, President

Don is describing an extreme example of a situation which has yet to ever occur and result in the denial of sanctioned event status to anyone who has wanted to put on an event. This is a backdoor argument to try to get around prior Board decisions to not make FaceBook a valid method of notification of an event to the Club members which I, AND prior Board members believed would open the process of obtaining participation points to abuse. Additionally, and possibly more importantly, a number of members do not use FB and would not install it on their computer for a variety of reasons.

Don also proposes using the website to give notice of upcoming events. This method also puts the burden on the club member to seek out the website just to see if there are any events they don’t know about. I feel this is an undue burden on the member just as FB is.

Notification through the Odometer as the official communication device of the Club, gives all members notice of upcoming events at the same time and with minimal effort on the member’s part. They read the Odometer and the event is there in black and white and they don’t have to go searching out 2 other sources just in case there happens to be an event listed somewhere other than the official communication method of the Club.

As for Don’s extreme example, a similar situation did arise and the event was included in the Odometer and became a sanctioned event in accordance with the existing rules and guidelines and everyone has received notice of the event in accordance with the rules of the Constitution.

Constitution Committee Member: Tammy Sanders, Editor

I question what happens if the club witnesses abuse or no one shows up to the event for a multitude of reasons as a result of not being required posting in as many documents as possible? Events are posted in the Odometer and talked about at meetings. Members know about events through the website, but it is the Odometer that provides the greater detail of information. The Odometer comes out both in a web version, PDF or paper copy. I know that no where in the Constitution does it state that the Odometer is the official source for dissemination of club business, news and events, since the club was formed in 1983, the Odometer has acted as such a device.

Just a note to say…

Judy Gordon Has had a small setback in her year long recovery from a recent auto accident. She needed to return to the Hospital to stop some internal bleeding. Best Wishes

Ron and Carole
Well wishes go to both Ron Gardner and Carole Weckbaugh. After returning from what surely would have been a wonderful vacation they found them selves in the hospital recovering from Pneumonia. Best wishes for a speedy recovery

Hope you all get well soon!


To protect club member’s privacy, for events hosted by members, please log into zccc.org to view organizer’s contact info and Google Map.

November General Meeting

When: Wednesday Nov 6, 2019 @ 7pm
Where: Overland Golf Course
Directions: 1801 S Huron Street, Denver, CO 80223 (Near Santa Fe & Evans)

The club meets the first Wednesday of the month. Note: Everyone attending is requested to order off the menu.

Tour Colorado’s Largest Hotel

When: Saturday, November 16, 2019
Where: The Gaylord Rockies
Host: Don Gordon
Cost: Free
Website: https://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/dengr-gaylord-rockies-resort-and-convention-center/

Gaylord Rockies Resort & Convention Center (10 minutes from The Denver International Airport) is the definition of a game-changer for the region, delivering 1,501 rooms, 485,000 square feet of convention center space and an extensive indoor/outdoor water park on a sprawling 85-acre site.

We will meet at 10:15 am at the nearby Ruby Tuesday Restaurant parking lot located at 6751 Tower Rd, Denver, CO 80249. We will drive over to the Gaylord Rockies about 10:30 am and gather for our 11am Property Tour with Head Concierge, Bridgette Socey.

Bridgette will be showing us a guest room, the restaurants, indoor pools and waterfalls, and the banquet rooms and who knows, maybe someday we can have our ZCCC Annual Banquet there.

Following the tour, we will have lunch at the Gaylord’s Mountain Pass Sports Bar.

Note: Parking is normally at a fee, but Bridgette will give each one of us a complimentary pass to use when leaving any of the parking lots.

Annual Holiday Party

When: Saturday, December 7, 2019 @ 6-10pm
Where: Derman’s Home
Host: Cheryle Derman
Cost: Pot-luck

Please join us for the annual ZCCC holiday party. It will be a pot-luck style. Soft drinks will be provided. Please plan on bringing any one of the following: appetizer/salad, main dish, side dish or dessert. We will be having a white elephant exchange again this year. The price per gift exchange is a maximum of $25.00 per player. The details will be explained at the general meeting and at the party. Please sign up at the November or December meetings or RSVP to Cheryle by December 6, 2019 via email. If you have a favorite “adult beverage” you would like to drink, you may bring that as well.

Nate, Chloe and I hope you will attend this holiday tradition. Cheryle

Website Updates

Password Reset: The issue with members not being able to reset their zccc.org password has been resolved. If you cannot login to the website, or cannot remember your password, use the password reset tool to have a new password emailed to you.

Email Deliverability: Some members have reported they do not get the monthly Odometer announcement email. If you are not receiving emails from the club, first try checking your email spam/junk folder. If you find ZCCC email(s) there, you need to mark them as “Not Junk/Spam” to make sure future emails are delivered. If emails are not being routed to your junk mail, then contact the webmaster for assistance.

Photo Gallery: Members have requested adding a photo gallery to the website. We currently have the Gallery, but this is only a small collection of articles with photos, and doesn’t have the full functionality that a proper photo gallery component would offer. The new gallery would mean that members will have the opportunity to contribute photos directly to the site, and in fact member involvement is required to make this feature a success. The new gallery is in the beginning stages of planning and development and will take some time to develop, so stay tuned!

Membership News & Club Info

Sep: Pat Clements, Mike Goddard, Michelle Ku, John Marr, John & Susan Mavis, Scott Swiger, Phil Taylor & Susan Goldsmith
Oct: Jim Nelson, Jose Ramirez
Nov: Steve Kottmeier, Keith & Lorena Lucas, Andy Mortenson, Vincent Nicoletti, Stephen Robertson

Welcome to New Members:
No new members for November

Membership Information
Memberships – 82
Members – 106

Happy Birthday to You

(11/1) Craig Williams
(11/4) Patty Troxell
(11/5) Michael Drury
(11/7) Susan Goldsmith
(11/9) Travis Scott
(11/10) William Clark
(11/14) Andy Mortenson
(11/16) Rick Mraz
(11/21) Chris Houghton
(11/23) James Peterson
(11/27) Eldon Luers

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Guest Speakers
If you know of someone or have ideas, please contact and coordinate with the VP vice-president@zccc.org. You will receive a point for inviting them.

ZCCM Magazine
The Summer/Fall 2019 issue is NOW available. Please see Jason to pick up your copy. If you would like to join the clubs subscription, the cost is $13.50. Please speak with Jason Spegal to sign up.

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