President’s Corner May 2014

“Who’s gonna drive you home, Tonight? ” – Cars Drive

It was a record turnout at our last meeting at Overland Golf Course. I know some of you were counting on bigger menu and Overland has responded with an expanded menu the Monday after we were there. The voting was overwhelming for our new meeting place to remain Overland. I’m personally excited about the ability to expand and grow at our new location. I hope you are too!

“Well-weathered leather hot metal and oil the scented country air. Sunlight on chrome the blur of the landscape. Every nerve aware..” – Rush Red Barchetta

Who else is done with the snow? 70’s and then snow and then 60’s and the snow is gone the next day. I suppose that’s just Colorado and we’re still getting used to it. At least it’s not Minnesnowta where they received another foot and it’s still on the ground. The weekends have been a frantic time for Stacey and I getting the cars ready for shows. The Stacey’s Wonder Woman mobile will be making her debut at Free Comic Day May 3rd in and around Denver. It received her red bra, red pinstriping, and another set of stars last weekend and should have all of the graphics done Easter Sunday. Her car is no longer is subtle and now is getting people snapping photos while driving as the Batmobile does. The Batmobile is now sending people to the chiropractor from the missiles mounted on the front. While driving around Stacey and I laughed for about 3 minutes straight from the people doing double takes.

“I remember we were driving, driving in your car, the speed so fast I felt like I was drunk.” – Tracy Chapman Fast Car

Now is the time to be thinking about your participation helping future shape the ZCCC. It’s my duty to appoint at the general meeting in June, a nominating committee of three members to present a slate of nominations at the general meeting in July. I would prefer volunteers of course. Judy will be hitting the 2 year mark of service as VP so we have at least one opening on the board for sure.We need help in all areas! Open nominations shall be accepted from the floor will be accepted at the August meeting and the election of officers/new board will be held at the September meeting. New board members means new ideas!

May will be a busy month with many events. We have the Cars Conquering Cancer, Sky Sox, and the BumperDoc event just to name a few. Please make sure you are registered and paid for these and future events way in advance. Spots may be limited. Other non ZCCC sponsored events like the Annual Memorial Day Weekend Randy’s Rods for Charities and more will have all their details posted on the website. We look forward to seeing you all there.


Tom Batman Ziegelbauer