President’s Corner April 2014

“Fill ‘er up son with unleaded. I need a full tank of gas where I’m headed ” – Sting Fill Her Up

Wow! It was great to see the record attendance numbers at Interstate Kitchen and Bar this last month. I was just commenting to Stacey this morning we must be doing something right. As we’re still trying to find our new home I encourage everyone to come visit the Overland Park Golf Course on April 2nd for our monthly meeting. I stopped down there on Monday to ‘sample’ their new menu and devoured a Bacon cheeseburger plate. Oh the sacrifices for the club I have to make…MMMmm Bacon!! We have a couple of larger votes at the end of the meeting: 1) Should the club pay for active members meals at the annual banquet and 2) Where should we hold our membership meetings: A) Interstate B) Overland Park GC C) New York Deli 4) Keep looking. Make your vote count!

“When Irish eyes are smiling” – John McCormack When Irish Eyes are Smiling

Thank goodness for the good weather last Friday before the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Denver. Stacey and I were up until about 11 p.m. and up super early Saturday putting the final detailing on the cars. Is it just me that gets obsessed about getting that ‘one’ final thing done that turns into two or three ‘final’ things? I finally installed the bat symbol in the rear that lights up (thanks Kathy and Fred). It turned out being a great day. We had an awesome time and look forward next year.

“When April showers may come your way” – Judy Garland April Showers

April will be a busy month with many events. We have the April Fools Rally, Canvas and Cocktails, and the Denver Museum event just to name a few. Please make sure you are registered and paid for these and future events way in advance. Spots may be limited. Other non ZCCC sponsored events like the Denver Auto Show and more will have all their details posted on the website. We look forward to seeing you all there.



Tom Batman Ziegelbauer