President’s Corner March 2014

“Change changing places Root yourself to the ground Capitalize on this good fortune One word can bring you round Changes” – YES Changes

I guess this is the year of changes and moves? First we’re considering moving our long term meeting location from the New York Deli News. Please make sure you are familiar with the details listed in the odometer or up on the website for the new ‘test’ locations. The website has now been fully moved to it’s new home and we’re unpacking more and more of the boxes everyday. I hope ‘fingers crossed’ that we have all of the members with an active account on the site. I personally invite you to come kick the tires and take it out for a test drive. Many of the upgrades include the events section, business directory, member directory, and members only areas. Version 2.0 should be done come around August. Some of the new features to look forward to should include the ability to sign-up for events, new membership registration/payment, and renewals right from the website.

“I strip away the old debris That hides a shining car” – RUSH Red Barchetta

Clearing off the dams of ice in the wheel wells of the cars has been almost a weekly event so far in February. This last Sunday we had the promise of 60s. Getting up early and pulling out the 5 gallon wash/rinse buckets has become a rite of spring for me. Warm soapy water and the crisp air of a Sunday morning plays tricks on your senses for sure. There is something satisfying about the neighbors mid and final process coming out and asking ‘is my car next?’ I thought after getting the major cleaning done a quick trip up to Red Rocks for some photos would be nice. Nope, the next 6 hours was spent removing the tail lights, rear trunk innards down to the frame, and deciding to clean out 9 years of grime that had worked down into tiny little nooks and crannies. Even with threats of Stacey taking pictures of me completely in the rear I worked like a crazy person until light was lost and the wind off the mountains dropped the temp 40 degrees. There is no better way to get intimate with a car than stripping it down. In the process I found a hidden treasures of a Nissan factory Sirius radio (that never would have connected to the factory unit..odd) and there is an emergency latch tucked under the rear strut bar to unlock the trunk. Now where to store these two extra clips..hmm.

“O why should I have spring fever When it isn’t even spring?” – Frank Sinatra When it isn’t even Spring

It’s an awesome feeling to see the event calendar filling up. Lots of things are being added and more of the final details are being firmed up every week. What ideas do you have for an event, speaker, tech event? Participation is key to the strength of our membership. We have to actively focus on growing our attendance and new members. The more active new members, the more fun we will all have.


Tom aka Batman