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ZCCC Virtual Shine-n-Show


When we learned of the postponement of the Concourse d’Elegance Car Show due to the corona virus, we decided to have a virtual shine-n-show that weekend instead. The plan was for each member to produce a couple of quality digital photos that really show it off their car. Then email one or two of the best pictures to Andy Mortenson along with their name and the model and year of their car. Andy then forwarded them to Scott Swiger who posted them on our website. Only the model, year and an entry number was posted. As an incentive, each member who entered their car was awarded one active member point. This was a great opportunity for members who live outside the Denver metropolitan area to show off their cars to the rest of the club without leaving home.

We had 22 Z Cars of various models, plus Joe McVicker’s 2017 GT-R, entered and posted on our website by the June 10th closing date.

Andy put the cars into five groups with the entry numbers of the cars in each group listed to help in the judging. The GT-R had already won because it was in a class by itself, both literally and figuratively. The cars were grouped as follows:

Group I (240Z/260Z/280ZX); Group II (300ZX-Z31); Group III (300ZX-Z32); Group IV (350Z); Group V (370Z); Group VI (Other).

The Service Managers at the three Larry Miller Nissan stores agreed to judge our cars, so on Thursday and Friday they chose their favorite cars from each group and sent their selections to Andy who tallied the results. (Special thanks to Jodie Cordova, Chris Doerschlag and Nick Yaw at LHM.)

On Saturday, June 13th, all the entrants were invited to participate in a Zoom conference where the winners were announced. The winners were as follows:  Group I – Scott Swiger; Group II – Alex Millward; Group III – Travis Scott; Group IV – Diana Inberg; Group V – Robert Hofer; Group VI – Joe McVicker.

The winners were each awarded $15.00 AutoZone electronic gift certificates. (Pictures of all the entries and the winners may be viewed at: https://bit.ly/30GzZwS).

2020 ZCCC Virtual Shine-n-Show Results

Entry #1: 1972 240Z

Entry #2: 2005 350Z

★ WINNER ★ Entry #3: 1991 300ZX

★ WINNER ★ Entry #4: 2008 350Z

Entry #5: 2005 350Z

Entry #6: 2010 370Z

★ WINNER ★ Entry #7: 1989 300ZXT

Entry #8: 1993 300ZX TT

Entry #9: 2018 370Z Heritage Edition

★ WINNER ★ Entry #10: 2016 370Z Nismo

★ WINNER ★ Entry #11: 2017 GT-R

Entry #12: 1995 300ZX Convertible

Entry #13: 2014 370Z Roadster

★ WINNER ★ Entry #14: 1974 260Z

Entry #15: 2005 350Z Roadster

Entry #16: 1985 300ZX

Entry #17: 2007 350Z Roadster

Entry #18: 1985 300zx Turbo

Entry #19: 2015 370Z Roadster

Entry #20: 1990 300ZX TT

Entry #21: 1971 240Z

Entry #22: 1983 280ZX Turbo

Entry #23: 1971 240Z


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