2020 January Odometer

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2019 December Odometer

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2019 November Odometer

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2019 October Odometer

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2019 September Odometer

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2019 August Odometer

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2019 July Odometer

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2019 June Odometer

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June Odometer Contents


President’s Corner

Play, play, it’s time to play with cars,
Yes, yes, yes, I like to play with cars,
Cars, cars, cars are fun to play,
Yes, yes, yes, I like to drive the cars.

Pink, pink, try this pink color car,
Yes, yes, yes, I like to drive the car,
Wooh, wooh, it’s really fun to drive,
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I like this car.

Car, car, my dolly wants to drive,
Yes, yes, yes, she can drive this car,
Wooh, wooh, she likes this car yeah,
Ha, ha, ha, I like it too.

Hey, hey, I want a new car,
Yes, yes, yes, you can have a new car,
Blue, blue, I want the blue color car,
Ho, ho, ho, I like it wooh.

Come, come, let’s drive the car together,
Yes, yes, yes, I want to ride with you,
Wooh, wooh, it’s really fun to drive,
Ha, ha, ha, we like it wow.

Children’s nursery rhyme: https://

Yeah, I know it’s weird, but here’s the connection: The 10th Annual Bad Does Good, Toy Run & Car Show is on June 29, 2019, from 8 am to 12:30 pm at Children’s Hospital Colorado, Parking lot 10, at 13123 E 16th Ave, Aurora, CO 80045. The show is sponsored by the Corvette Club to benefit the Children’s Hospital Treasure Chest. I don’t know why it’s called “Bad does Good”, but you should come and find out. See the article elsewhere in the Odometer.

We have a speaker for the June meeting. He is Nigel Zeid from Boulder Nissan. Come and hear Nigel talk about the car business, the electric Nissan Leaf and any other subject that comes up. See the article elsewhere in the Odometer.

On a very serious note, a Z owner from California contacted me about an unsavory and difficult situation he has found himself in. He had contracted with an allegedly reputable Z restorer in Gardena, CA to do work on his 240Z. It had its original engine when it went in but did not when he got it back. This was not part of the deal. He learned that a person named Robert Kropp, from Colorado, took the original engine, put it in his own car and made for Colorado. The gentleman who called me told me that a lot of legal actions have either been started or are still being investigated by the District Attorney, against the Z restorer. He called wanting to know if Robert Kropp was a member of our club, he is not, or if I had heard of him and knew of any way to know his whereabouts. I’ve never heard of him so I am reaching out to the club to see if any of you have any knowledge of this person. If you do, please contact me directly.

Now for something that happens with some regularity around here at this time of year. ZCCC is looking for new members for the Board of Directors of ZCCC. In the past, pursuant to the Constitution, I have appointed committees to find new Board members but each has failed completely and miserably in their directed duties. As a side note, I remember who you are but have yet to figure out how to gain some advantage by virtue of that knowledge.

Here’s the poop: Both the President and Vice-president are term limited to two consecutive one year terms and cannot serve in those offices again in the next term. Originally, or at least when I started with the club 20+ years ago, the President’s and Vice-president’s terms overlapped, presuming each served two consecutive one year terms, so there was some continuity in the leadership of the Board when a new Pres or VP took their seat on the Board. That doesn’t mean the other Board members are not leaders. They are in every sense of the word and I am grateful for their support and assistance in the more than capable way that they serve this club. The overlap was messed up prior to my second two year term as Pres by the unconstitutional third term actions of you know who. So, in an effort to try and rectify this situation, the Board is proposing that either the new President or new VP serve only 1 year in that position and someone else take the position in October 2020.

So, here is the pitch: We need a new President and VP as well as a new Public Relations Officer. At this time, I am unaware of any other position on the Board being vacated but that could change. However, Don Gordon the present VP has expressed an interest in taking the PR Officer position being vacated by Mike Goddard. Be aware, that any member in good standing, that means you haven’t been a major putz and have paid your dues, can run for any office during this and all successive elections. You can run against an incumbent or a new nominee. It has happened on occasion. Actually, it’s how I first got on the Board back in 1999-2000.

Again, so, who is going to step up to the plate??, to serve our club and get all those extra perks that come with a Board position. Perks, what perks? I’ll see if I can think of any before the next meeting. At present, the Board meetings are held by conference call at 6:00 pm the day before the first Wednesday monthly meeting, which is usually the first Tuesday of the month. If elected, your participation in the Board meetings and the monthly meeting is highly desirable and really helps with moving the club forward and addressing the business of the club. Just to get the ball rolling, I nominate Tammy Sanders for the position of President, and, this would keep the dynasty intact. The problem with this however, is that we would have to find a new editor for the Odometer, and to find someone as good at it as Tammy would be harder to do than finding a new President.

I’m presuming that Scott Swiger, our webmaster will be staying on as well as our Social Media Director, Tiffany Gordon. Their services are indispensable and I would hate to lose them.

On another serious note, Tammy recently received an email from Gail Hamilton who was the speaker at the March 6 club meeting. If you were there you will recall she is the over achieving blind person who doesn’t let anything stop her from accomplishing what she wants. The following is part of the email that Gail sent and she is seeking help from all of us to publicize and be aware of the problems with allowing us and our dogs to interact with a Seeing Eye dog:

“I had to retire my spectacular fifth Seeing Eye dog on April 28, 2019, after only being with him for six months; which breaks my heart. Sarge was the best dog I’ve had in over twenty years! On my way to church that morning, a woman allowed her dog to come into contact with my dog in the middle of Downing street and 13th avenue in Denver, Colorado. She said, “it’s okay.” However, she had no idea that her actions had such devastating results which forever changed his and my life. Sarge couldn’t resist the temptation of that barking dog inches away from his face and they got into a brawl. Since my life was in his paws my safety was at risk. Unfortunately, he had to return to the Seeing Eye in Morris-town, New Jersey on May 9th, and I’ll never walk the streets, pet his soft ears, or play Kong with him again. After his puppy family is asked if they would like to own Sarge as a pet, I’m hoping they won’t and he will have a career change and become a drug-sniffing police dog. The field representative says Sarge would be fabulous at that job since he is obsessed with playing ball 24/7. I’m still crying over the loss of him and haven’t heard the final update to his status yet.
Thanks in advance for assisting me in educating others on guide dog distractions and how to insure a successful working partnership. How people behave around a Seeing Eye dog is different from a family pet or any other service animal. Unknowingly, their actions can have life or death consequences and can change lives forever-undermine/destroy or bolster/create. It’s a class 3 misdemeanor to distract a Seeing Eye dog in any fashion! This includes when approaching a Seeing Eye dog, don’t interact or speak to the Seeing Eye dog or its owner. Don’t pet, feed, or look into the Seeing Eye’s dog’s eyes. And under any conditions, don’t allow any dog to distract or come into physical contact with a working Seeing Eye dog. All dog owners need to keep their dog(s) tight by their side, especially when crossing streets.
Help me bring light to this invisible issue and insure independence and safety for all guide dog partnerships. I’d appreciate any personal or professional contacts you can pass my way in order to get the word out for creating change in how owners of dogs interact with a Seeing Eye dog.
Thanks for your assistance…” Gail
Gail Hamilton
Soaring Into Greatness

I for one was not aware of this issue/problem and had no idea that such an ignorant though innocent action could have such serious effects. Those of us who have dogs have to be aware of this and make our friends and family who have dogs aware of this also.

Well, that’s it for June and I hope to see you at the monthly meeting on June 5, 2019.

Ira Sanders


To protect club member’s privacy, for events hosted by members, please log into zccc.org to view organizer’s contact info and Google Map.

June General Meeting

When: Wednesday June 5, 2019 @ 7pm
Where: Overland Golf Course
Directions: 1801 S Huron Street, Denver, CO 80223 (Near Santa Fe & Evans) [Note: Everyone attending is requested to order off the Menu]

Guest Speaker: Our speaker for the June meeting is Nigel Zeid, the electric vehicle guru at Boulder Nissan. I’ve known Nigel for a number of years and I find him quite knowledgeable about many aspects of the car business and certainly electric vehicles and obviously, the Nissan Leaf. Here is a little biographical information on Nigel:

Nigel has been at Boulder Nissan since 2007. He’s originally from London, and moved to LA in 1996 where he taught animation for 10 years. He met his lovely wife Karen in LA (she’s a New Yorker). They married in 2002 and adopted their first daughter, Olivia, from China in 2003. They had decided to adopt their second daughter, Chloe, but wanted to move out of LA before doing so. They came to Boulder without knowing anyone, but saw that it was a great place to live and raise their children. When he’s not at work, he’s at home with his family and trying to reduce the size of his “honey-do” list.

I know that Nigel is quite entertaining so come to the June meeting to gain some knowledge about the car business and our sponsor, Boulder Nissan.

50/50 Raffle to be held Outdoors at June 5th General Meeting!

Finally it has warmed up and we are hoping to have the 50/50 Raffle outside in the Overland Golf Course Parking Lot (weather permitting). We are going to go back to a time when we used to enjoy going outside after the meeting and chat alongside everyone’s Z cars. And as an incentive, you will get an extra raffle ticket if you bring your Z car.

The gifts during this first outdoor raffle are sure to be extra special.
Hope you can make it!!! Thanks, Don

2019 ZCCC Annual Bike Ride

When: Saturday, June 1, 2019 @ 9:30am
Where: Denver Mattress/Furniture Row
Host: Andy Mortenson
Cost: Free

Join us on Saturday, June 1st, for the 2019 ZCCC annual Bike Ride. We’ll meet at 9:30 AM in the parking lot of the Denver Mattress/Furniture Row store located at the intersection of Parker Road and Quincy Ave in Aurora. The lot is located on north east corner of the intersection across from the Sinclair gas station. We’ll ride along the South Cherry Creek Trail 13 miles to Parker and back. We’ll have lunch in Parker at the Hickory House restaurant. If 13 miles is a little too far, you can begin the ride at the Cherry Creek Trail Head located on the south side of Arapahoe Road just east of Jordan Road in Centennial which will just about cut the length of the ride in half. The trail is relatively flat all the way to Parker so this will be an easy ride.

Annual Chili Cook-Off- Date Change

When: Saturday, June 1, 2019 @ 6pm
Where: Derman’s home
Host: Nate and Cheryle Derman
Cost: Free

This year we are again hosting this at our home. Prizes will be awarded for the best chili and best homemade dessert. Whip up some spiciness or a tasty dessert and join us for this enjoyable evening. Since this is at our home, please feel to bring a tasty adult beverage. There will be a sign up sheet at the May and June meetings. You may also bring an appetizer or other delicious dish instead. We also need shredded cheese, sour cream and onions. Any questions, please contact Cheryle.

C.P. Concours D’Elegance

When: Sunday, Jun 09, 2019
Where: Arapahoe Community College
Host: Fred Minister
Registration Ends: Tuesday, May 21st
Cost: $50.00

Dear Z Car Club Members,
June 9TH is getting closer and the time to register your car is drawing to a close. This the 36th year of the show and looks to be even bigger than last year. Go to www.coloradoconcourse.org for registration and to volunteer. There is also an app for the show that you can download to your phone- ACCOTOGO for more info.

We are in need of volunteers for various jobs the day before the show and the day of the show, please if you can sign up to help a very worthy cause.
We will also need some ZCCC people willing to act as judges for the cars in our club that are being judged. We will be judging only our own cars. Same entry price $50.00 per car, there will 1st, 2nd, 3rd place ribbons in one class only, so shine them up and get in on the judging.

We caravan to the ACC campus starting at the Aspen Grove shopping center located South of the ACC campus. You can enter the shopping center’s parking lot by turning West off S Santa FE Drive onto W. Aspen Grove Way. You will meet at the north end of the lot in front of Talbots to caravan over to the show. Any questions call me on my cell. Fred Minister

Claws for a Cause

When: June 15, 2019
Where: Minister’s Home
Host: Kathy Minister
Cost: Price of Lobsters and Steaks

The LOBSTERS are coming!! It is once again time to support the Angel Eyes Fundraiser to help families cope with the sudden unexpected death of an infant or toddler through education and raising awareness.

The annual steak and lobster sale is upon us – June 15th. We will need orders and payment at the June 5th monthly meeting.

Lobsters – $22 each
Lobster tails $15 each
Filet Mignon $14 each

We ask everyone to bring a side dish, appetizer or desert and drink to share. We will gather around 3:00 on Saturday June 15th to cook up our steaks and lobsters.
Hope to see you there.

We will gather at the Minister’s home to eat, drink and be merry.

10th Annual Bad Does Good, Toy Run & Car Show

When: June 29, 2019 8am— 12:30pm
Where: Children’s Hospital Colorado, Parking Lot 10
Host: Ira Sanders
Cost: New Toy Donation

The 10th Annual Bad Does Good, Toy Run & Car Show will be held on June 29, 2019, from 8 am to 12:30 pm at Children’s Hospital Colorado, Parking lot 10, at 13123 E 16th Ave, Aurora, CO 80045. The show is sponsored by the Corvette Club to benefit the Children’s Hospital Treasure Chest.

Those of us who went last year had a very good time. The entry fee is to bring toys for the kids who are undergoing treatment at Children’s Hospital Colorado. Last year we had quite a few toys to contribute but I would like to top that this year. It’s for this show that Tammy bought all those Mickey, Minnie and Goofy’s and has been selling them at the monthly meetings at the same price she paid for them with her discount at Kohl’s. Each one is $2.68. Tammy will bring some to the next meeting. You get to decorate your car with them and then later in the morning, we grab wagons and carts and take them to the hospital for the kids. Before that however, the kids are brought out by nurses and attendants, many in wheel chairs, to see the cars and judge them. I’m sure that the cars with the most stuffed toys on them get lots of consideration for an award. We will need to coordinate a place to meet before we go in so that we can all park together. Last year I think we chose a Taco Bell to meet at but that didn’t work out so well. I’ll find some place better. Here’s the link to the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/2014963592153057/ for more details.

If you have any questions email me or call.
I would like a count of the people going so let me know.

ZCON 2019

When: July 16-21, 2019
Where: Hilton Branson Convention Center, Branson, MO
Host: Roy Davis
Points: 6 pts. max for this multi day event

Hey there Z Car Club members, the 2019 National Z Car Convention will be held in Branson, Mo. The dates for the convention are July 16 to 21, 2019. The hotel will be the Hilton Branson Convention Center. The website can be found at (www.ZCON.org).

ZCON Registration:http://zcon.org/conventions/2019/registration.html

The hotel will be the Hilton Branson Convention Center: Reservations (room rate $139+tax).

Event schedule The schedule is tentative and subject to change!

Special Guests include Yoshihiko Matsuo, Toshio Yamashita, Hiroshi Tamura “Mr. GT-R”, Johnnie Gable, “Mad Mike” Taylor and the largest Scarab Z reunion in ZCON history

We will be leaving July 14 with an overnight in Kansas City. We will meet up with other car clubs for a drive to Springfield, Mo. There we will meet with other clubs and drive into Branson together. Should be fun. For a map of the route, please see March’s Odometer.

Happy Hour and BBQ

When: August 3, 2019, 6 pm
Where: Derman’s Home
Host: Cheryle Derman
Cost: Free

We will be grilling burgers and brats. Please bring a side dish or dessert and a tasty beverage to share. Enjoy good friends, great conversation and a fire pit. There will be a sign up sheet at the next meeting. We hope to see you at our home. Thanks, Nate and Cheryle.

3rd Annual Holy Rollers Charity Car Show

When: August 17th 2019,
Where: Broomfield, CO.
Host: Fred Minister
Benefits: Society of St. Vincent de Paul. More details to follow.
Online registration (via Eventbrite) is now open at www.holyrollerscarshow.com

Drive to Colorado’s Eastern Plains

When: August 24 and 25th
Where: Beecher Island Battlefield
Host: Tammy Sanders
Cost: 1 nights stay, and meals

This multi day, 400 mi road trip will take us to the Historic Beecher Island Battlefield, Travel the South Platte River Trail Scenic Byway, and past the Historic home of Glenn Miller. We will start our prairie excursion Saturday morning 8:00 am at the Comanche Crossing Museum in Strasburg. The museum opens at dawn, so if you are there early you can start your day with a scavenger hunt of ten exhibits and artifacts. From here we are headed east to Beecher Island battle-field in eastern Yuma County. The plan is to be here at 12:00 for picnic lunch. We will turn our compass north towards Holyoke where we will spend the night at the Cobble-stone Inn and suites. Sunday we are continuing our journey north to run the old pony ex-press. Then it is westward hoe to the town of Ft. Morgan where we will search for the childhood home of Glen Miller. Then it is a straight shot back to Denver. I do not see driving on any dirt roads this time, so let’s take the Z’s and have a good time.

Cobblestone Inn & Suites
805 S. Interocean Ave
Holyoke, CO 80734

35th Annual ZCCC Banquet

When: October 5 @ 3-6pm

This year’s dinner will be at Cinzzetti’s. This is the Club’s annual end/beginning of the year meeting. The event begins with socializing at 3:00 pm followed by brief board reports, announcements, outgoing board and install your new 2019/2020 board and of course dinner. Cinzzetti’s buffet menu can be viewed here. Join us for this fun afternoon of good friends and good conversation. Sign up by September 27

Car Ralley Fall 2019:

Help Needed: We have the Ralley instructions put on by some of our members a few years back. Looking for volunteers to get together and start the planning process, modify the instruction and working with Gail Hamilton and Trina (teacher of the Blind/Visually Impaired and Certified Orientation & Mobility Specialists) and the Lion’s club to put together a joint car rally between ZCCC and visually impaired kids. With some minor changes to the instruction to accommodate these kids reading the instructions via brail to the driver it should be a fun time for all. At the end would be food, drinks and awards. This is in its beginning stages of organizing. Please help by volunteering to put this event on.
Tammy Sanders odometer@zccc.org

Membership News & Club Info

April: Jack & Gail Epling
May: Gary Amelon, Nick & Stephanie Cardozo, John & Lois Student, Jeff Winter
June: Matt & Sandy Bourgeois, Walt Caron, Marc Connolly, David Fisher, Brett Hufford, Brian Lehnerz, Michael Jacobs, Robert Marlow, Alex Millward, Gary Rubin, Laurie Steenrod

Welcome to New Members:
Ron Banuelos, from Colorado Springs, has a 2005 350Z (Welcome back!) Richard Flores, from Denver, has a 1977 280Z

Membership Information
Memberships – 81
Members – 103

Happy Birthday to You

(6/1) John Student
(6/3) Don Gordon
(6/3) Phil Taylor
(6/7) Lori Steenrod
(6/8) Ed McHugh
(6/10) William McClatchey
(6/11) Albert Powell
(6/25) Dave Sandbach
(6/30) Vince Busnardo
(6/30) Lois Eaton

Member Dues
Dues: Single Membership $35, Family $45, Corporate $50. To receive the Odometer via postal mail add $10 annually.

Guest Speakers
If you know of someone or have ideas, please contact and coordinate with VP Don Gordon: vice-president@zccc.org.

ZCCM Magazine
The Winter 2019 issue has come in. It is also time to renew the subscription. The Following people have not renewed.
If you would like to join the subscription, the cost is $13.50. Please speak with Ira Sanders to sign up and receive your hard and soft copy.
Hutfles, Larry
Marlowe, Rob

Moving or Have Moved

Don’t forget to update your address, phone numbers and email in the “Edit My Profile” under your name in the upper right corner.

Club Sponsor


Directory of Club Officers & Appointed Positions

Vacant Position: Motorsports Coordinator

May Meeting Minutes

May 1, 2019, Overland Golf Course
The meeting was called to order at 7:02 pm.
Welcome to new member Mickey Santana.
Secretary Report: Cheryl McKenney
Approval of minutes from the April meeting.
Vice President Report: Don Gordon
The club is looking for a host for the Bad does Good Car Show on June 29th at Children’s Hospital.
Past events:
 April 7th —April Fool’s Rally
Upcoming events:
 May 3rd -5th – Nismo Fiesta
 May 18th – Heather Gardens Car Show
 June 1st – Bike Ride
 June 1st – Chili Cookoff
 June 9th – Concours D’Elegance
 June 15th – Claws for a Cause
 July 16th – 21st – ZCON in Branson, MO
Treasurer’s Report: Bill Lohringel – Nothing to report at this time.
Membership Report: Andy Mortenson – We currently have 82 memberships, 104 members
Public Relations Report: Mike Goddard – Nothing to report at this time.
Inter-club Report: Travis Scott – Nothing to report at this time.
Odometer Report: Tammy Sanders – If you have any pictures for the Odometer, please send them to Tammy. Submissions to the Odometer are due by 20th of the month.
President: Ira Sanders – The review of the club Constitution is progressing and should be completed soon. The club now has a Twitter account and is being managed by Tiffany Gordon along with the club Facebook account. The club events now requires a member to be logged in, in order to view member information. The 50/50 raffle will be held outside, weather permitting. Members will receive an extra raffle ticket if they drive their Z. The club is looking for ideas on how to increase membership. It was suggested that the club have more driving events that we contact past members and have flyers at area Nissan dealers.
Guest Speaker: – None
Old Business: – None
New Business: – None
Winner of the 50/50 give away, Jason Spegal
Meeting adjourned at 8:13 pm.


Odometer Ad Submission Info

No Postings


8 Dos and Don’ts for Behavior Around a Service Dog Team

  1. DO speak to the owner/handler rather than the dog.
    The service dog and her handler are a team. If you want to talk to them, always speak to the person first rather than automatically approaching the dog. Remember, the animal is working, and her human’s life could depend on her staying focused on her job.
  2. DON’T touch the dog without asking permission first.
    Touching or petting a working dog is a distraction and may prevent him from tending to his human partner. The dog may be in the process of completing a command or direction given by his human, and you don’t want to interfere.
    Fortunately, most service dogs are trained to stay in work mode until they receive a re-lease command from their handler. That’s why many service dogs are able to ignore out-side influences.
  3. DO keep your own dog a distance away from a working dog
    If you happen to have your dog with you when you encounter a service dog team, don’t allow your pet to approach them without first talking with the handler to see if it’s permissible.
    Other animals are an obvious distraction to working dogs, and in a worst-case scenario, there could be an altercation between the two animals.
  4. DON’T offer food to a service dog
    According to Canine Companions for Independence, “Food is the ultimate distraction to the working dog and can jeopardize the working assistance dog team.”1
    Not only are food and treats a potential distraction, but many service dogs are fed a specific diet and often on a specific schedule.
  5. DO treat the owner/handler with sensitivity and respect
    Asking a service dog’s handler personal questions about his or her disability is out of bounds. It’s disrespectful and an intrusion of privacy.
    Assume the service dog team can handle things themselves. If you sense they could use your help, ask first. And don’t take it personally if your offer is rejected, as there’s usually a good reason.
  6. DON’T assume a napping service dog is off duty
    All dogs nap, including working dogs. When her handler is sitting or standing for some length of time, it’s perfectly natural and appropriate for a service dog to catch a few winks. She’s still technically at work, however, so all dos and don’ts remain in effect.
  7. DO inform the handler if a service dog approaches you
    If a working dog approaches you, sniffs or nudges you, etc., politely let the handler know. Resist the urge to respond to the dog — the handler will correct the dog.
  8. DON’T assume service dogs never get to ‘just be dogs’
    Working dogs typically get plenty of R&R and playtime. When they’re home and out of their “work clothes,” they’re free to behave like any other dog. Since the jobs these wonderful animals do are often challenging and stressful, their handlers recognize they need plenty of downtime and exercise.

ARTICLE II – Officers and Elections, ARTICLE I – Duties, Board of Directors

As outlined in the Constitution under article II, sections 1-4, and the By-Laws article I, sections 1-8:

Web link: https://www.zccc.org/2014/07/members-only/constitution-updated-july-2014/

Pdf version: https://www.zccc.org/wp-content/uploads/2014-Constitution-revised-July-2014.pdf

Download Odometer as PDF

2019 May Odometer

Download PDF May Odometer Contents President’s Corner Club Events Membership / Club Info April Meeting Minutes Classifieds Extra   President’s Corner See the USA in your Nissan, hey America is asking you to call Drive your Nissan hey, through the USA America’s the greatest land of all On a highway, …