New Website Information – FAQ

Hey all! I’m glad that you’ve come to visit the our new website. I’ve already had a couple questions day one so instead of answering the same questions individually I’ll leave this page as a place to come to 1st for Frequently Asked Questions as we make this transition.

Question: I can’t log in. I can’t edit my profile. I can’t do xyz. Password problems.

Answer: Your username is the first part of your e-mail address example: the username is – admin

After you have successfully logged in the 1st time and edited your profile to change your password from the default one you *must* log out before trying to log in again with your new password. If you have having difficulty completely close your whatever browser you are using (Internet Explorer, AOL, Chrome, Firefox) and try to login with your new password that you updated on your profile. If you still have problems please use the ‘contact’ link at the top of the site to send us a quick e-mail including your phone number so we can contact you quickly to resolve the issue. At last resort you can reset your password.

Question: I think the club could/would benefit from having a forum on the site. A section where we can break it down into different Z-car model types and be able to discuss and ask questions from repair or other things.

Also have an events section as well so that if there are questions people can ask them there and then others can respond. Its cleaner and easier than emails out and back to the group. And then you can also set yourself up to get email notifications so if someone does post in that section you will know. Pretty much a normal forum set up.

Answer: Great suggestion. Done and done and….done. All of these exist on the new site already. It all falls into the Member Chat and Board Chat sections which are forums that have been setup. You can find these navigation links 2nd from the top.

Question: As we all know, GG is a rather crude tool in that it’s all or nothing – you either get all the correspondence, or non of it.  It does have the ability to condense into a single digest delivered once a day, but you must have a google account to take advantage of that so I’m sure many of our members will not bother with it.  Ideally we’d like the members to be able to choose which kinds of correspondence they receive, but GG just isn’t structured to do that.

Answer: The new website does have the functionality to have topic specific e-mails sent to only those members who subscribe. An example: Track or Tech type discussions or information can be subscribed to or not. After we push the site live in March, board members will have the same functionality as the current google group setup to send out high level, general membership e-mails to the full membership when appropriate (ex: Changes to meeting dates due to weather).

Individual membership will be able to customize the information they wish to participate in and receive at the topic level within the forums.

Of course the Odometer always serves as a catch all for *everything*