Fifteen Points for the Active Member Award!


The October Annual Banquet marks the start of a “new year” for ZCCC members. Members earn a point each time they come to one of our monthly meetings and/or attend an event hosted by one of our ZCCC members. Members are asked to sign in so that the Vice President can track the points throughout the year. If  you accumulate at least fifteen points between October 1st and September 30th of that ZCCC “year” then you will receive a special recognition gift called the “Active Member Award.” This year the awards were distributed at the October Annual Banquet, and recipients received a ZCCC logoed cooler filled with some goodies.

Cheryle Derman accumulated the highest number of points this last year, and was given an additional award to recognize her with the “2012-13 Most Active Member Award!”

A quick way to start accumulating points is to host your own event. An individual or a couple of people can host an event. If one person hosts an event they earn four points, if two people take credit for hosting an event then they can split the points and earn two points each.

How do you host an event? To host an event, you must notify the Vice President of the event so it can be placed on the ZCCC event calendar. The host/s that are coordinating the event should then write the details of the event (time, place, theme, duration of the event, cost of the event, food options, etc.) and submit these to the editor of the club’s Odometer. All events must be posted in the  Odometer for a minimum of one issue for at least 15 days.

A question for YOU! In the past, the Vice President has selected the item to be awarded to members earning the Active Member Award. This year the  ZCCC  Board would like to get your ideas for items that you would be interested in receiving. (A new Nissan Z is above the budget!)     Email me at with your ideas, please identify the subject as “Z Club Active Member Ideas” so your email doesn’t get spammed.