2013 December Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Vice President, Judy
Gordon, at 7:00 pm.

There was no new guest or visitor at the meeting.

The Minutes of the last meeting were approved as written. Vice
President, Judy Gordon, thanked all of the members that
sponsored events in the past month. Toys for Tots event at Nate
and Cheryle Derman were very successful and it was great
holiday party. Thanks to Dermans!

Vice President Judy Gordon called upon club members as
Debbie Carlson reported that we are in the hole for the past
month in finance. It is not usual for the slow winter season.

Andy Mortenson reported that there were 4 renewals. No new
members this month.

Ira Sanders reported that meeting with Jason from Boulder
Nissan went well. Boulder Nissan will host shine and show in
august 2014. They will continue to sponsor track events.

Tammy Sanders asked for articles in Odometer’s deadline is 15th
of the month.

ZCCC is asking members for suggestions on new venue for the
club meeting.

– New business
There will be new amendment to the constitution for disclosing
club finances. Tom Ziegelbauer volunteered to establish secure
web site for members to access the financial information.

Upcoming January meeting will be on 8th instead of 1st of the

Darrel Hoffman asked members to form a track event
committee. Preliminary meeting will be in January and he’s
proposing event ideas and accepting new ideas for the track

Break at 7:20pm
Meeting resumed at 7:30pm
Cookie monster Don and Ira hosted sesame street show. Letter
‘P’ was topic of the show. 50/50 winner tonight is… Lois Eaton
with sum of $40.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:58pm