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    Ryan Lynch

    Hi everyone,

    I hope I am in the right place! My name is Ryan Lynch and I recently qualified in a competition called GT Academy. I wouldn’t expect a lot of people to know what this is. The competition is sponsored by Nissan, and I will be flying out on the 5th of August to the Silverstone Circuit in England to try and win the top spot to earn a seat as Nissan’s next professional racing driver.

    here is some more information on the competition:

    I am doing everything I can to prepare for this in order to give myself the best shot. The biggest challenge will be getting seat time in a 370Z, and that’s why I’m here everyone. A stranger posting on the from here is odd I realize so I am hoping for some compassion. I also understand nothing may come of this but I am exploring every avenue possible in order to succeed in my training. One major problem I’m having is finding any 370Z’s to rent in order to get some track time in one. I have track days, instructors, and logistics mostly planned out but no ride as of yet. During the competition we will be mainly driving 370Z nismos, and GT-R’s.

    If there is any one here that may be able to point me in the right direction or help in any way at all it would greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for taking the time to read, and please don’t hesitate to respond with any information! You would be helping someone accomplish a lifelong dream.


    Ryan Lynch


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