1971 240Z 46K Miles – Crashed

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      Bradley Cohen

      Last Thursday, I was enjoying driving my Datsun down to Westminster.  I was stopped at an intersection when CRASH my car was hit on the rear passenger corner.  How depressing.  Anyways, the car was my baby.  It only has 46K original miles.  The suspension was in excellent shape (I stripped the paint and had the parts powder coated- very nice).  The body had a little rust, but not much.  This car lived most of it’s life in a garage.  I purchased most of my parts, like the anti-sway bars and the exhaust from Motorsport auto.  It has nice headers, Dual Weber Carbs, and an electronic ignition.  I don’t think that the body is repairable, but there are still lots of useful body parts.  The glass is all good as well.  The engine is in excellent shape.   Even the interior was in decent shape…before the accident.  (The other driver claims that she looked down for a moment just before she crashed into me).  I’m checking to see if you-all can help me put a value on the car as a parts car.  I have photos that I can share of the car before and after the accident.  It’s also helpful if you can help me to put a value on a car like this before the accident.  Any documentation is helpful ammunition to throw back at the insurance company.  Thank you, and I hope to be a Z-Car owner again soon. -Brad



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      Michelle Ku

      <p style=”text-align: left;”>I purchased a 1972 240Z about 2 years  ago and it was appraised at around 18K.  Mine had a fully restored 280Z engine in it and at some point the body had been repainted.  Good luck to you.</p>

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