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I’ve been for a walk
On a winter’s day
I’d be safe and warm
If I was in LA

Mamas and Papas, California Dreamin

In my first 2 terms as President and at the beginning of my 3rd, there have been some crucial issues, or at least I perceived the issues as crucial and that they needed to be addressed in my column.  Issues like buying into High Plains Raceway, moving our meeting place, getting new Board members willing to serve, and finding a new Webmaster who could revamp our website. All of these issues and a few more have been accomplished and right now, at least in my opinion, the club is running smoothly. Yes of course we always need new members and new blood and ideas and need to figure out how to accomplish that, but all in all, things are pretty quiet. This doldrum is welcome in a sense and not in another. For our club to move ahead and advance and grow, the doldrums are not a welcome situation. Let’s see if we can’t get some ideas from our membership to get out of the doldrums and once again, be moving ahead.

I’m afraid I have been remiss in not pointing out the return of long time members who had sadly been missing from our meetings and events due to conflicts in their schedules. I’d like to welcome back the Students, John and Lois who have been regulars at our meetings this year and also JoAnn Sainz-Dean, who has also been able to come to our meetings once again.

As many of you know, the Hot Imports Night car show on March 31 at the Denver Merchandise Mart was poorly run and, in many respects, a failure. The original promise of an all indoor show was baloney and many of our members got refunds when they were refused admittance indoors.  Three of our cars did get in after a lot of “discussion” between Diana, Roy and the organizer. Roy wasn’t taking “No” for an answer. We did put on a pretty good showing with just 3 cars and may have picked up a new member or 2. Time will tell.

I want to thank all of the ZCCC members that took the time to attend the memorial service for Scott Guthrie. It was an excellent showing by the club and the Celebrant even noted that there were a lot of our cars in the parking lot.

See you all on May 2 at the next meeting.

Ira Sanders

May Board Meeting

When: Tuesday, May 1, 2018 @ 6pm
Where: Via Conference Call.
If you are not a board member and would like to attend the board meeting, please contact Ira Sanders.

May General Meeting w/ Guest Speaker

When: Wed, May 2, 2018 @ 7pm
Where: Overland Golf Course, 1801 S Huron Street, Denver, CO 80223 (Near Santa Fe & Evans)
Note: Everyone attending is requested to order off the Menu.
Guest Speaker: Jody Hinsey, Mint Financial Strategies
Have you been planning for your retirement, whether it’s 5 years away or 25 years away?You really should seek council from a professional on your investment strategies.  We will have a Five-Star Professional Wealth Manager speak at our May 2nd Meeting.  Jody Hinsey is the founder of Mint Financial Strategies. http://www.mintfs.com/

10th Annual Rods and Wings Car Show

When: Saturday, June 9, 2018 @ 9am-2pm (setup 7-8am)
Where: Spirit of Flight Center, Erie Airport
Host: Patty Troxell

Cars, motorcycles and airplanes. This combination of motors, power and speed will be judged and trophies awarded at the Rods and Wings Pancake Breakfast Car Show and Fly-In on Saturday, June 9th.

The Spirit of Flight Center, located at the Erie Airport, is hosting this event. The Spirit of Flight Center is a non-profit organization located on the West side of the airport, and has an aviation museum which includes items from World War II.

Posted show hours are 9AM-2PM. Admission fee is $5.00 per person, which does not include the Pancake Breakfast (approx $5).

Come on out and show off your wheels. Car registration is $10 and includes the Pancake Breakfast. Set-up time is 7-8AM.

Please contact Patty Troxell with any questions.

Colorado Concours De’Elegance

When: Sunday, June 10, 2018 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Where: Arapahoe Community College 5900 S Santa Fe Dr, Littleton, CO 80120
Host: Fred Minister

June 10TH is getting closer and the time to register your car is drawing to a close. This is the 35th year of the show and looks to be even bigger than last year. Go to www.abilityconnectioncolorado.org for registration and to volunteer. There is also an app for the show that you can download to your phone- ACCOTOGO for more info.

We are in need of volunteers for various jobs on the day before the show and on the day of the show, please if you can sign up to help a very worthy cause. We will also need some people that would be willing to act as judges for the cars in our club that are being judged. We will be judging only our own cars.

Like last year, we will enter the school grounds at the North entrance off W. Church Ave. and be directed South around the East side of the campus and into our location that is the same as last year.

We will meet at Aspen Grove shopping center south of the ACC campus to caravan to the school grounds. You can enter the shopping center’s parking lot by turning west off S. Santa Fe Drive onto W. Aspen Grove Way. We will meet at the north end of the lot.

Please register your car and join the party we always seem to have a good time and en-joy some great cars. Registration fee is $50 per car.

Register your Car Today!
May 16, 2018—Last day to register and still get your car listed in the event program.
DON’T WAIT… Day-of Registration is NOT guaranteed to be available this year! If available, cars registered at the gate day-of will NOT be judged!

Claws For a Cause

When: June 16, 2018, 3PM
Where: Ministers Home
Host: Kathy Minister

The LOBSTERS are coming!! It is once again time to support the Angel Eyes Fundraiser to help families cope with the sudden unexpected death of an infant or toddler through education; and raising awareness.

The annual steak and lobster sale is upon us June 16, 2018. More Details to follow once prices have been posted.

We ask everyone to bring a side dish, appetizer or desert and drink to share. We will gather around 3:00 on Saturday June 16, 2018 to cook up our steaks and lobsters.
Hope to see you there.

We will gather at the Minister’s home to eat, drink and be merry.

9th Annual Bad Does Good Toy Run

When: June 23, 2018 8AM
Where: Children’s Hospital, Anschutz Medical Campus, Aurora, Parking Lot 10
Host: Diana Inberg
Entry Fee: New Toy Donation

This show is all about the kids! Please gather your tax deductible toy donations from your Family, Friends & Coworkers and stuff those cars! We have a whole room to FILL UP!

All toys collected go to The Children’s Hospital Treasure Chest. 500,000+ children come through for treatments each year! They need LOTS of toys! Monetary donations can also be made payable directly to the hospital same day.

Please take a few hours out of your day to join us! Gather your friends and notify your clubs! Then load up those Cars, Trucks, Jeeps, Hot Rods and Bikes with new toys and help us bring smiles to these sweet kids. Show judging will be done by the kids and bribing them for votes is encouraged! Bring extra TOYS! Kids Choice Trophies will be awarded to the Top 10! Door Prizes! Tee Shirts!

Please arrive to the Hospital NO EARLIER than 8:00am.
Show parking will be in Lot 10.
Registration starts at 9am. Cut off is 10am!
Kids Judging is from 10-11am
Awards 11:30am-Noon.

Bring your cameras and chairs! Pop up tents may be used for shade but MUST be weighted & secured.

Please RSVP early if able so we can get a good estimate for Tee Shirts! Please message us on the @CorvetteToyRunDenver page if you have any questions!  https://www.facebook.com/events/240289793131807

Western Slope Experience

When: July 20 to July 22, 2018
Where: Grand Junction
Host: Nate and Cheryle Derman

We are going to be driving to Grand Junction Colorado on Friday and have some time for wine tasting, exploring and dinner. On Saturday we will go wine tasting, and have dinner. On Sunday we will drive through the Colorado Monument and drive home. This is a three day event, so please save the dates and stay tuned for more information as it gets closer.

There is a room available at the Best Western Grande River
Nate and I accidentally made two room bookings in Grand Junction. We have this one available, first come first serve. Just reimburse me if you want the room.

To reserve your tickets, please contact Tammy Sanders


March: Bill Hardy, William & LaVern Lohringel, Sean McCarthy
April:  Mario, Jo & Vince Busnardo, Lewis Franklin, Nick Linch
May:   Gary Amelon, Pierre & Christina Barthle, Jerry Harris, John & Lois Student, John Tyler, Jeff Winter

Matt Bourgeois (5/15)
Nate Derman (5/7)
Ron Gardner (5/8)
Mike Goddard (5/10)
Jerry Harris (5/11)
LaVerne Lohringel (5/21)
Susan Mavis (5/14)
Gail Mund (5/28)
J. Iredell Smith (5/20)
Mark Visconti (5/21)
Dave Weber (5/21)

Member Dues
Dues: Single Membership $35, Family $45, Corporate $50. To receive the Odometer via postal mail add $10 annually.

Guest Speakers
The board would like to bring back to the General meetings a guest speaker. If you know of someone or have ideas, please contact and coordinate with VP Don Gordon: vice-president@zccc.org.

Motorsport Coordinator
Looking for someone to coordinate Club Fun Run events. The Club does not have anyone performing these duties currently! Duties: Will be responsible for securing track dates and will attend all Colorado Motorsport Council meetings and will report to the general membership as necessary.

Club Sponsor


Directory of Club Officers & Appointed Positions

The meeting was called to order at 7:07 pm.
Secretary Report: Cheryl McKenney, Nothing to report at this time.
Vice President Report: Don Gordon, As a reminder if you are planning an event or have a guest speaker for a meeting check with the Vice President to make sure the date is available and he will send the information to be posted to the webpage, Odometer and social media. The Hot Import Nights car show had many problems from the venue to management of the show. The only bright spot was that Diana Inberg won for best lighting. Upcoming events are as follows:
 April: 7th – Scott Guthrie Memorial
 April: 7th – Chili Cookoff at the Derman’s
 April: 8th – April Fool’s Rally hosted by the Van Club of Colorado
 April: 21st – Shelby Museum in Boulder
 May: 2nd – General membership meeting with a guest speaker
 June: 6th – General membership meeting with a guest speaker
 June: 10th – Concours D’Elegance at Arapahoe Community College
 June: 16th – Lobster Dinner at the Minister’s
 June: 23rd – Toy Run Car Show at Children’s Hospital
 July: 20th – 22nd – Western slope drive
 July:28th – Sky Sox game in Colorado Springs
 August: 4th – Track Day at the State Patrol.
Treasurer’s Report: Bill Lohringel, Nothing to report at this time.
Membership: Andy Mortenson, We currently have 79 memberships and 109 members and 7 renewals.
Public Relations: Mike Goddard, Nothing to report at this time.
Interclub: Diana Inberg, Nothing to report at this time.
Odometer: Tammy Sanders, Submissions to the Odometer are due by April 15, 2018. The header for the Odometer will feature a current club members car each month. Thank you’s goes to Scott Swiger
President: Ira Sanders, The ZCCM would like pictures of cars from clubs contributing to the content of the magazine. If you are interested please send your pictures to Art Singer. The Colorado School of Mines is having their annual car show on April 14, 2018.

Guest Speaker: No speaker this month.
Old Business: None to report at this time.
New Business: None to report at this time.
Winner of the 50/50 drawing was Bill Lohringel.
Meeting adjourned at 8:18 pm.

Odometer Ad Submission Info

Allstate Blog:
Gas Tanks: Why Aren’t All Fuel Doors on the Same Side?
September 9, 2014
By Mac Demere
Quick: On which side is your vehicle’s fuel door?
Must you look at the little diamond-shaped arrow on the fuel gauge EVERY time you fill up to know which side holds the fuel filler? Have you ever pulled to the fuel island to discover you’re on the wrong side? Did you utter bad words before or after you said, “Why don’t they put fuel doors on the same side of every car?!?”
The answer to that question is complicated, if not convoluted.

Based on my research into the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, I came to the conclusion (a conclusion later supported by my contacts at both the Ford Motor Company and Nissan North America) that no U.S. government regulation concerns which side on which the fuel door must be positioned. Much to the chagrin of many motorists, the fuel door can be on either side.
With no legal or marketing motivation, and scant ownership enjoyment implications, car company engineers are free to place fuel doors on whichever side offers the easiest packaging, according to Ford spokesman Mark Schirmer. He added that there’s not enough room — and no demand — for dual fuel doors.
Americans prefer left-mounted fuel doors, said Schirmer, referencing a Ford study. A driver’s-side fuel door makes it easier for drivers to place the car’s left fender close to fuel pump. Still, fuel door location is typically not part of the buying decision, added Schirmer. Those in Japan, India, the United Kingdom, Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and countries in southern Africa drive on the left side of the road and sit on the right side of the car, and it appears they prefer right-mounted fuel doors, given the tendencies of car manufacturers. For at least 25 years, the conventional wisdom among auto writers has been that Europeans like right-side doors. However, when I posed this to my industry cohorts, no car company would speculate if or why that might be true.  Nissan, like most automakers, produces some vehicles with left fuel doors and some with right doors.
“The placement of the fuel door is mainly a factor of fuel tank design, location and underbody packaging,” Nissan’s Steve Yaeger wrote in an email. “With all of the structure and components located underneath the vehicle, (engineers) would quickly encounter restrictions in trying to route the filler tube to the same side on every vehicle.” If mechanisms such as a “big, honkin’ speaker” must be placed on the left side, engineers put the fuel door on the right, notes Schirmer.
The bottom line: Fuel door position is not a random choice, but if engineers have a good  reason to place fuel doors on the right, that’s where they go.

If you can’t remember the location of your fuel door, don’t be ashamed to look at the little diamond-arrow on your fuel gauge … BEFORE you pull up to the pump.

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